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  • Alise Talley

10 Digital Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business

Updated: Apr 16

digital marketing optimization

In the age of digital marketing, everything is always changing. One day, one trend is popular; the next, it’s completely forgotten. Luckily, we have you covered. Here are the latest up-to-date digital marketing tips to help improve your business.

Kids Don’t Like Facebook Anymore…

Regarding social media marketing, Facebook can be a great platform to showcase your business. However, you should keep your demographic in mind.

While Facebook marketing is great if you are trying to reach adults, it’s not ideal if your target audience is younger. In 2018, it was found that 41% of Facebook users are 65 or older.

Instead, teenagers and young adults make up a large portion of other sites, like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Obviously, Facebook is one of the most used social media networks and shouldn’t be completely ignored, but if it doesn’t fit with your brand, you shouldn't devote your entire budget to marketing it.

Instagram Is In!

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a site where you can reach many young adults. Instagram has more than 1 billion users, and most are under 30.

Chatbots Over Customer Service

Businesses are investing more in chatbots and artificial intelligence technology, which interact with customers to fulfill a specific service.

While there is value in having customer service reps, chatbots are being used more because of the reduced cost and the 24-hour service they can provide.

Adding chatbots to your website can give customers personalized service and quick responses to ease the customer through whatever obstacles they are facing.

Customers respond well to chatbots; some even prefer them over traditional customer service.

Video Marketing Is Essential

In today’s digital landscape, businesses cannot rely on text-based marketing alone. Video marketing is becoming essential to getting customers’ attention.

According to ImpactBND, “52% of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them more confident and guides their online purchasing decisions.”

Live streams are an effective video marketing method, especially involving celebrities or influencers.

Seeing someone well-known talking about or using a product also encourages other people to buy it.

Make Great Content

This isn’t a new one, but it’s still important. Going through the trouble of paying for marketing is a waste if the quality of the content isn’t good. But the definition of quality is changing a bit.

When it comes to SEO marketing, context is becoming more relevant. Search engine algorithms adapt to searches by figuring out the intent behind the search rather than solely targeting keywords.

Personalized Email Marketing

Email messaging is as strong as ever, even with all the available methods.

It is predicted that there will be 4.48 billion email users by the year 2024. Knowing this, you can see how email marketing can be a good investment. However, customers no longer like generic emails and prefer them to be more personalized.

If a customer was looking at a specific product on your website, you could send them an email showing a similar product they might like or a related sale.

Email marketing paired with remarketing can help increase customer loyalty and sales rates.

Invest in Interactive Content

Interactive content is content that involves customer participation. This can be surveys, interactive infographics, or 360 videos. Interactive content is engaging and provides a creative way to present your business.

More Voice interaction To Come

Voice interaction devices, like Siri, Google, and Alexa, continue to be popular for doing searches.

However, unlike regular online text searches, these devices give limited search results for questions, which can present a new challenge for businesses.

You have a better chance of showing up in the results if you write how people talk and include common keywords for speaking.

Messaging Apps Marketing

Popular messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, can be a great place to target your marketing.

With users sending billions of messages on each network, businesses have learned to take advantage of the constant activity they bring.

Marketing through messaging systems can be more effective than social media marketing alone, and companies can use them to send individualized messages to users.

Make Sure You’re Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing is marketing on more than one platform. The best way to optimize your marketing strategy is by combining methods.

A website, social media account, or email marketing is not enough. Still, when combined, they offer the broadest effect, but ensure your brand is consistent across all platforms if you do.

It’s important to keep up with the latest developments in digital marketing so you or your brand stays ahead of the curve.

Luckily, Sugoi has you covered with the latest tips and trends in the media world.


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