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3D Ads: The Future Of Marketing On The Metaverse?

Updated: Apr 25

3D Social Media Ads

Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook) has partnered with an eCommerce technology firm to run three-dimensional ads. This collaboration will allow VNTANA to help create 3D versions of brand products and upload them as ads to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Future Of Meta-Marketing

Ashley Crowder, the Chief Executive of VNTANA, sees this as a giant leap into integrating 3D social media ads into the highly anticipated Metaverse, the idea of a completely digital world accessible through VR headsets and other devices.

With this technology, advertising products on social media becomes a thousand times easier for both the seller and the buyer. It grants the company greater reach and a better view of what the seller is buying before they commit to a purchase.

Metaverse And 3D Advertisements

Meta has put its future on the line to contribute to Metaverse’s growth, which is predicted not to be entirely created for another decade. They’ve also partnered with two AR companies, Modiface and PerfectCorp, to assist cosmetic and beauty brands easily converting their product into 3D advertisements.

Any Facebook and Instagram users who see one of these 3D ads can interact with it, turning it to see the product from all angles. This is only a fraction of the type of product immersion capable of using AR glasses in the future.

Before, businesses struggled to reformat their 3D files to be compatible with Meta’s advertisement system. Now, through the collab of Meta and VNTANA, these brands can easily upload and convert files without a Ph.D. in 3D images.

The future for marketing looks bright. Although the Metaverse is far from completion, the possibilities and the already-functioning futuristic technology being integrated into Meta and its associated platforms are great for all businesses and brands looking to give their consumers a more immersive experience.


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