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  • Emily King

5 Top Breweries In Miami, FL

Updated: Apr 24

5 Top Breweries In Miami, FL

It’s no surprise that Miami, FL, is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the US. From restaurants to clubs, shopping districts to cryptocurrency, Miami has something for everyone to enjoy.

As of recently, breweries can be added to the list of specialties that Miami offers visitors. If breweries are one of your great passions, read on! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 breweries in Miami that we think you will enjoy for your convenience.

Wynwood Brewing Company

(Instagram: @wynwoodbrewing)

Wynwood Brewing Company was Miami’s first craft production brewery. It was founded by Luis Brignoni and his father “Pops” Brignoni Sr.

The company is rooted in the family’s Puerto Rican heritage and is actually named after the arts district they’re from. Wynwood Brewing is inspired by Miami’s art scene on both a local and international level.

The brews include their flagship, La Rubia Blonde Ale, a Laces IPA, Lock On, Father Francisco, and Pop’s Porter. The latter placed gold at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival. The mission at Wynwood Brewing Company is to create an innovative, consistent, high-quality beer for everyone.

J Wakefield Brewing

(Instagram: @jwakefieldbeer)

You don’t have to go far from our first brewing company mentioned to find the second. Also located in the Wynwood Arts District, J Wakefield Brewing, first created in 2015, is an independent craft brewery and taproom.

J Wakefield offers tasters a wide range of options, from sours to classics, by crafting traditional styles with a slight flare of the unexpected.

The Brewing Company brews all right in-house. By using two separate kettles for the production of sours and classics, they never have to choose between producing one over the other.

When enjoying the taproom, select from 15 beers while taking in the custom murals of Star Wars characters and comic book lithographs. You can also sit and watch a show on their TVs or find a seat in their beer garden.

J Wakefield Brewing has gained worldwide recognition and has come a long way since originally being a hobby for John (the J in J Wakefield) in 2005.

Veza Sur Brewing

(Instagram: @vezasurbrewingco)

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably spotted a trend. Veza Sur Brewing is also located in Wynwood, Miami, and it emphasizes flavorful beers.

The company’s roots are firmly planted in Latin culture, and it celebrates the diversity of this southern city. Veza Sur Brewing finds inspiration everywhere, from the food, music, and culture surrounding it.

The name Veza Sur Brewing comes from the word “cerveza” and the Spanish word for South, sur; when combined, the name literally means beer from the South. Veza Sur Brewing specializes in fruity brews that draw from the tropical flavors of South America.

Lincolns Beard Brewing

The most mysterious of all the breweries mentioned in this article, Lincoln's Beard Brewing, leaves much to the imagination. A quick glance at the brewery's website and Instagram clearly reveals one thing: it’s all about fun and community. The brewery hosts many events on a regular basis, such as poker night, open mic night, comedy clubs, and even crawfests.

Lincoln's Beard Brewing offers something for everyone. Whether you want something light and refreshing, a classic malt, something zesty, or even something non-alcoholic, their extensive list of beverages will surely have something you’d enjoy.

The Tank Brewing Co.

(Instagam: @thetankbrewing)

The Tank Brewing Co.’s story is interesting. It all began with two home brewers and, surprisingly, a cigar industry professional.

The brewing company prides itself on the mix of specialties and cultures found in its halls. Its main goal is always to create exceptional craft beers. It only uses the finest ingredients, cutting no corners at any step of the way.

The team consists of men who smile brightly at us from their website, welcoming us to explore more. Their passion and care for brewing can be tasted with customers' sips.

Which Brewery Will You Be Stopping By On Your Next Trip To Miami? Tell Us Below.


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