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  • Alise Talley

Apple iOS 14: How to Navigate the Newest Features

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Apple iPhones

This week, iPhone users have taken to social media showing off their phones’ new look.

The iOS 14 update has users raving at the new features, the biggest changes including the App Library and customizable widgets.

The App Library

With the App Library, iPhone users that thought their home screens were too cluttered can now have the organization they crave. The library is separate from the home screen and can be seen by swiping left on your home page.

The library automatically organizes your apps into predetermined categories: Recently Added, Utilities, Productivity & Finance, Social, Creativity, Information & Readings, Games, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, and Travel. Unlike Android devices, users cannot customize group names or move apps to different groups. Despite these limitations, many appreciate the organization the App Library brings.

In the groups themselves, apps are organized into four sections with one app per section, unless you have more than four apps. Then, the rest are broken up into four more sections in the lower right-hand corner. To view all of them, you simply click on the bottom right section, and they will expand to fit the page.

If you would like to search for a specific app, there is a search bar at the top of the page. If you click on it, there is a drop-down list of all your apps in alphabetical order.

You also have the option to remove certain apps from your home screen and only keep them in your App Library. This can be done by going to your home page, pressing and holding the app you would like to remove, selecting “Remove App”, and selecting “Move to App Library”. If you would like to remove multiple at once, press and hold on empty space on your home screen, select the minus symbol, and then, select “Move to App Library”.

If you would like your apps to automatically be moved to the library when you download them, go to settings, home screen, and under “Newly Downloaded Apps”, select either “Add to Home Screen” or “App Library Only”.

Pull-Down Menu

On the apps themselves, you can perform specific actions without opening them. All you have to do is press and hold, and you’ll be given options for what to do, including deleting the app.


Another feature that has everyone excited is the customizable widgets and preview widgets. Widgets can be added to your home page that shows you a preview of the app without having to open it. For instance, you can set up widgets that allow you to see reminders or what the weather is like.

To customize apps, you have to download “Widgetsmith” from the App Store. Once you open it, you can choose the size of the widget, the image you want to use, and any fonts and colors. Next, exit out to your home screen, press and hold, click the plus sign on the top left corner, and then, scroll until you see the widget you just created.

Now, you can finally have a decluttered phone and have pictures of BTS members filling your home screen if you so choose. Have fun and happy customizing!

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