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  • Audrey Adams

AspireIQ Talks Influencer Marketing

Updated: Apr 16

influencer marketing content

In October 2019, AspireIQ released its latest report, "The State of Influencer Marketing 2019: An Analysis of the Social Media Ecosystem”.

About AspireIQ

AspireIQ, a leading influencer marketing platform, allows brands to produce branded creative through content creators at scale by using large-scale communities.

The software platform allows brands to find creators who are an authentic fit for their campaigns, manage relationships, and creative workflows, plus analyze performance across all marketing channels for large volumes of creatives.

Trusted by more than 400 leading brands, AspireIQ is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York, Denver, and Toronto.

Major Takeaways

Influencer Marketing Has Become Non-Negotiable

The increasing interconnectedness of social media users has made it impossible to win the marketing game without influencer marketing. Marketers are running more campaigns than ever and are even considering running always-on campaigns.

Micro vs Macro

Brands are changing the types of influencers they work with. With an engagement rate of 42% higher, micro-influencers are becoming the favorite over macro-influencers.

Anand Kishore, Founder and President of AspireIQ, says, " We’ve reached an era where influencer marketing is about more than promoting your brand on social media. In the future, brands and influencers will work even closer to build and foster communities that engage in a shared passion for what those brands make."

Reusing IGC Is A Must

To increase its use, influencer-generated content (IGC) must be moved from one platform to another. More than two-thirds of brands already do this, and more are piling on. And it isn’t just static images; many are investing in videos, stories, and written content.

Influencer marketing may well be the wave of the future. Previously, we discussed Activate’s report on social media and how the landscape is changing. They speculated in their report, the average US user would be up to ten different networks by 2023.

Therefore, from looking at both of these reports, it becomes clear that in order to truly win at social media marketing, influencer marketing has become an absolute necessity, and IGC is going to change further what we see and interact with on social media and the internet in general.

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