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  • Alise Talley

Best Bars in Savannah GA: 14 Bars You Can’t Miss

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Bar scene

Savannah’s culinary reputation for delicious southern meals is not the only thing the city has to offer.

Now, Savannah can add drinks to its growing list of outstanding Food and Beverage heavy-hitters, as Savannah bars become a favorite for tourists and locals alike.

Taking a trip to Savannah? Here are 14 bars you should check out while you’re there.

The Fitzroy

The Fitzroy

If you want upscale dining and quality cocktails, The Fitzroy Gastropub is your go-to.

Their part-bar part-restaurant approach to service means you can enjoy their impressive selection of savory plates, including roasted chicken and Korean BBQ lettuce wraps, while sipping their finest wines on the rooftop bar.



On the roof of the Perry Lane Hotel you will find the Peregrin, a self-proclaimed place of “southern elegance”.

While there are little options for food, the Peregrin makes up for it with their cityscape views and top of the line cocktails.

Starland Yard

If you’re looking for a place you can take your little ones to, Starland Yard is for you.

All you do is check in to get your wristband, and you have access to a variety of drinks, food trucks, and Vittoria Pizzeria.

Savoy Society

Savoy Society

One of Savannah’s most stylish bars is Savoy Society.

Here, you will be greeted by vinyl music and creatively named cocktails, like “Gotta Make Your Money Last” and “All Night Passion”.

Peacock Lounge

The Peacock Lounge itself said it best when they claimed the Lounge was “sophisticated, timeless, and classic”.

They not only hold themselves to this standard, but their customers, too.

Their no casual-wear dress code makes this a great place for a classy date night.

Artillery bar in Savannah, GA


A former armory, the Artillery has cemented itself in Savannah history after it was passed through many hands of different businesses.

Now, it pays tribute to its past through its 19th-century decor.

You can expect a luxurious experience while enjoying champagne, wine, and cocktails.

Lone Wolf Lounge in Savannah, GA

Lone Wolf Lounge

Located in the Starland District, the Lone Wolf Lounge gives you a piece of the Caribbean with their decor and delicious piña coladas.

Their original mixers provide a taste you can’t find anywhere else. But be sure to try their locally crafted beers, as well.


Service Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA

Service Brewing Co.

For my beer fans out there, I highly recommend the Service Brewing Co.

Service Brewing Co. is a proud veteran-owned brewery that brings you excellent American-made beers.

Alley Cat Lounge in Savannah, GA

Alley Cat Lounge

Found on Broughton Street, Alley Cat Lounge has the ultimate collection of cocktails and spirits.

Not only do they have over 150 classic and original cocktails, they also house over 500 spirits.

But, don’t be overwhelmed. They have their top 10 best drinks that you can start with.

Six Pence Pub in Savannah, GA

Six Pence Pub

As the name implies, the Six Pence Pub is a slice of the UK across the pond.

Six Pence brings you British beers, such as Newcastle, Guinness, and Smithwick, as well as traditional English comfort foods.

A-J’s Dockside Restaurant in Savannah, GA

A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

Not too far from Savannah is A-J's Dockside Restaurant in Tybee Island.

At A-J’s, you can sip on margaritas and beer next to Tybee Creek. Flip flops and shorts are welcomed.

The Wyld Dock Bar in Savannah, GA

The Wyld Dock Bar

Another bar with a waterfront view is The Wyld.

The Wyld's small but quality menu and flavorful sangria has made the bar a hotspot for the locals.

Be sure to try their signature “Pain Killer” slushy while you’re there.

Original Pinkie Masters in Savannah, GA

Original Pinkie Masters

But, there’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned dive bar like Original Pinkie Masters.

This cash-only bar brings you cheap beer and a good time.

Abe’s on Lincoln in Savannah, GA

Abe’s on Lincoln

Found on the corner of Lincoln and E. Bryan Street in the Historic District, Abe’s is a straightforward dive bar good for beer, shots, and a night you can’t forget (or maybe, a night you won’t remember).

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