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  • Bianca Valdebenito-Millet

Digital Marketing & Cyber Security - Why You Need Both

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Digital marketing and cyber security

The online renaissance is a double-edged sword.

While things become more convenient on the internet, it leaves the possibility open for cyber threats such as hacks, viruses, and data breaches.

These can have dangerous consequences, costing businesses millions of dollars as a result, or a person their livelihood.

Here’s why cyber security is vital, and how to prevent cyber attacks while trekking the online landscape.

Cyber Security & Mobile Users

Privacy in this day and age is one of the most important things to secure, for businesses and casual internet users alike.

52.2 percent of all website traffic happens through mobile devices, adding up to nearly 5 billion mobile users worldwide. If there was a data breach on a smartphone.

With that flood of data coming in and going out, it’s important to secure devices in order to stop that flood from including your personal information.

Emphasis on Cyber Security

Even with the development of preventative measures, hacking skills will always change to counter that and can still threaten any defenses a business has.

Nobody’s immune to these digital threats. Large companies lost a substantial amount of consumer data due to these attacks.

In order to avoid this, it’s best to make sure your defenses are consistently up-to-date with the newest security measures.

Cyber Transformation

Cyber transformation, in case any digital marketers don’t know, is taking information from your business and using it to update your security.

This not only prepares you in case of an actual breach but enhances your cyber agenda and reassures employees that, although all measures are being taken, they’re still eligible for a data breach claim if anything happens.

Know Your Audience

In order to know and understand your audience, it’s best to create audience personas that resemble and represent your targeted consumers.

This helps you create better insight and develop the proper marketing strategies, such as how the message will impact them, the best path of communication, and well-developed marketing channels.

Provide Education

Plenty of business owners don’t understand cyber security and therefore don’t take it seriously.

This can be dangerous, so it’s important for digital marketers to provide proper education so they know the dangers and risks.

An easy way to give out this information is through blogs or downloadable content.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Even with proper education and a good sense of your audience, the hard part is convincing business owners to prioritize cyber security.

Using the knowledge from your audience personas, find the best path to create a sense of urgency without fear-mongering. Give facts, statistics, and evidence to support your claim of its importance.

Cyber security can be confusing to those new to it. Digital marketers in charge of managing websites must understand the threat, the potential dangers, and how to safeguard companies from any online disasters.


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