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  • John Bayliss

Digital Marketing for Construction Companies: Tips & Tricks

Skyline with several construction cranes under a beautiful sunset.

The internet continues to be the preeminent platform for businesses to promote themselves, especially in the highly competitive construction industry.

Whether you're a construction industry veteran or just starting out, leveraging your digital marketing strategy is key if you plan to stay afloat in the digital age.

Redstage reports that 96% of B2B customers prefer to do business with manufacturers and vendors online, which isn't likely to change anytime soon.

However, the internet is subject to ever-changing trends. Knowing what approaches to include in your digital marketing strategy while optimizing your marketing budget can be tricky with all the different types of content.

These are some of the most effective trends, tips, and tricks that construction companies are using right now to stay ahead of their competition and expand their digital brand.

search engine and social media advertising

Believe it or not, Google isn't just a useful search engine -- it's also a powerful marketing tool for your construction business.

The same is true for most social media platforms, as both come with built-in ad targeting tools that anyone can use.

While advertising your construction business on popular platforms is important, it's also important to know that you can optimize your ad targeting to reach a specific audience by inputting data such as:

  • Location

  • Income

  • Profession

For smaller construction firms, you want to make sure that your ads are reaching people in your area.

Geotargeting ensures that ads reach people who are near your geographic location, thereby attracting clients who you can actually serve.

Another digital platform that works great for advertising is email. Email blasts can expand your business's reach to new clients and help you stay in touch with existing ones.

You can incentivize customers to join your mailing list by sharing useful information like:

  • Company news

  • Highlights

  • Deals

  • Exclusive discounts

Additionally, email management tools like Outpost make managing your inbox and communications across your team much easier.

Website navigation

The presentation of your construction company's web page is a paramount component of an effective digital marketing strategy.

After all, spending all that time and money on ads to attract new clients is pointless if those new clients can't navigate your website.

Both you and your customers will be glad you invested in your company's website to make it clean, readable, and user-friendly. Elements to consider when designing your web page are:

  • Business hours

  • Contact info

  • Product listings

Ask yourself: are these things easy to find, or are they offuscated and buried at the bottom of some random page or dropdown menu?

Creating a compelling experience for your potential clients will shape the success and reputation of your business, as well as maximize conversions.

marketing through Content

Publishing content is a great way to promote your brand and stay engaged with your audience. It's also a way to keep your audience informed of new products, services, and upcoming projects.

Construction firms like Jacob's Engineering Group use podcasts to highlight construction projects and challenges, but the most successful firms often use a variety of different content. Some examples include:

  • Blog posts

  • Info graphs

  • Articles

Blog posts and articles

Content should demonstrate the value your company has to offer. It should stress the resilience and foresight of your company by laying out the facts and data in a clear and concise fashion.

Blog posts and articles published directly to your company's website are a good place to start with content marketing.

Publishing content frequently will keep audiences invested in your business and make them more likely to refer you to new clients.


According to data collected by Wyzowl, 85% of companies use some kind of video advertising. Interviews and testimonials from satisfied customers convey your company's dedication to your client's needs.

Visual motion graphics illustrate complex data in a more readable form. Webinars and product tutorials can answer frequently asked questions and show off the experience and professionalism of your firm.


If you don't already include search engine optimization (SEO) into your marketing approach, then your missing out on one of the surest methods of increasing your business's growth.

SEO can boost your search ranking on popular search engines like Google or Bing. This ranking is invaluable If you run a business in a highly competitive field like construction.

Consider researching your competition -- what words and phrases come up the most on their web pages, and how can you incorporate these key terms into your website?

Also, consider terms that others have overlooked, as this will allow you to tap into a niche within your market.

If you still have questions on how to optimize your business's digital marketing strategy, consider joining Sugoi's mailing list for more content like this.


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