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  • Audrey Adams

Fiverr’s Influencer Store

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Luxe Digital Marketing

Fiverr is celebrating opening its fifth industry storefront, Influencer, behind the stores for Gaming, E-commerce, Architecture, and Politics.

Fiverr is perhaps best known for being able to offer service-as-a-product, with the name coming from the $5 which some services are sold for.


Fiverr is a global platform begun on the simple idea that people should be able to buy and sell digital services the same as goods in an e-commerce experience.

Founded in 2010, Fiverr has since helped millions of people with everything from graphic design to digital marketing.

Perhaps more importantly, looking at the Top 100 Brands of 2019 put out by Interbrand, 74% of them have put an order in on Fiverr. Their reach is expansive, 160 countries with a community in the millions.

What does the Influencer Store Do?

The influencer store is specifically for influencers in the social media arena helping them to scale and grow their online channels. There are four sub-stores each hyper-focused on its own niche: Website and Blog, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

For You

As said by Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO, “Businesses of all sizes and sectors use Fiverr.” Every time Fiverr expands, it opens up new opportunities for a new group of customers in new industries allowing them to get things done quickly, cost-effectively, and transparently.

Leverage Digital Marketing

Do you want your brand to become an influencer in your industry? You may wish to include Fiverr in your strategy to get there.

Prices are available to you before you click purchase, you know what you’re getting, and what kind of experience others have had before you.

All of this pulls together for a stress-free experience compared to finding a freelancer some other way.


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