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  • Alise Talley

Georgia Breweries: Top 10 In The State

Updated: Apr 17

Georgia Beer Breweries

When it comes to breweries in the US, Georgia is notoriously behind in the industry. But that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from working to unleash the state’s untapped potential (see what I did there). Despite the challenges, Georgia breweries have been making a name for themselves for years to produce the best and most innovative beers.

Monday Night Brewing

Back in 2006, a group of friends got together every Monday night to brew homemade beer as a hobby. Since then, Monday Night Brewing has opened two Atlanta-based facilities, one in Midtown and one in South West Atlanta. Their beers are now featured in many of the city's most popular bars. Some of their notable brews include the Drafty Kilt and the Blind Pirate Double IPA.

Second Self Beer Company

Another Atlanta native, the Second Self Beer Company has been creating quality brews since 2014. Their signature Red Hop Rye and Thai Wheat are year-round favorites. For true beer lovers, their facilities are open for parties, events, and tours.

Three Taverns Brewery

Named after an ancient Roman rest stop, Three Taverns works to build a sense of community and thanksgiving. This loving mission has led to iconic drinks, like White Hops, a Belgian-inspired white IPA, and a Night in Brussels. It’s clear that they have an admiration for traditional Belgian brewing.

In fact, the whole idea grew after the founder took a trip to Belgium. The experience sparked an interest in the world of beer making, which led to purchasing an at-home brewing kit. 7 years after its founding, Three Taverns still works to bring Belgian influence to every drink.

Jekyll Brewing

In Alpharetta, Jekyll Brewing takes a different approach by embracing its Georgian roots. With classics like Merican Amber and Southern Session, Jekyll is an all-American establishment.

And what an establishment it is! Its facilities are home to 26 taps and a 100-barrel brewing system, all working to bring you the best the industry offers.

Orpheus Brewing

Have you ever heard of the Greek myth of Orpheus? He was a hero who traveled to the dark underworld to reclaim his wife and learned never to look back. This is the motto the Orpheus Brewing company lives by.

Specializing in sour beers, Orpheus pushes the boundaries of what’s expected. If you ever spend time in Atlanta, you can tour their underground facilities. It’s close to Piedmont Park and the Botanical Gardens, so you don’t have to go far to have a day jam-packed with fun activities.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Anyone who drinks their beers can tell Creature Comforts likes to think outside the box and keep an open mind. Based in Athens, this brewery features the American IPA and Reclaimed Rye. They make fantastic brews, and Creature Comforts works to give back to the Athens community through outreach programs.

Atlanta Brewing Co. (Red Brick Brewing Co.)

Formerly known as the Red Brick, the Atlanta Brewing Co. took its old name from the abandoned red brick mill they imported from England and renovated. It’s still being used today. However, this establishment’s real legacy is that it is the oldest brewing company in Georgia. Now 25 years old, Atlanta Brewing is a staple in the Georgia brewing industry and paved the way for the businesses that are based here today.

Terrapin Beer Company

Another Athens favorite is the Terrapin Beer Company. Founded in 2002, their first release, the Rye Pale Ale, was an instant award winner and has been a classic ever since. This Georgia OG’s other specialty is the Hi-5.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers

In Decatur, Wild Heaven has far-reaching reach, distributing throughout the Southeast in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida. Their signature drinks include the Ode To Mercy and their humorous Emergency Drinking Beer.

Wild Heaven continues to use traditional European brewing methods while adding an American flair.

Sweetwater Brewing Company

Of course, you can’t talk about Georgia Brewing without thinking about Sweetwater. This industry giant is one of Atlanta’s most well-known breweries. Founded in 1997, Sweetwater is an experienced brewery with deep roots in the beer game. One of their most popular drinks is the 420 Extra Pale Ale, a West Coast-inspired brew.

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