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  • Emily King

Digital Marketing & Web Development

Updated: Apr 21

Digital Marketing & Web Development

Digital Marketing uses the Internet and other technologies to promote products and services. Web development is the work that results in developing a website for the internet, whether a simple page of text or a multi-functional application. Without web development, digital marketing cannot exist. Here is where things get interesting.

Digital Marketing

It largely relies on the use of electronic devices, such as smartphones, game consoles, and computers. With the different possibilities, it’s important to have a cohesive plan of attack for digital marketing. This is needed to ensure your product's advancement, service, organization, and overall success. SEO plays a large part in this through keyword searches and links.

Web Development

Your website is your contribution to the world and the way others view your personal world. For these reasons, taking a strategic approach to web development is important. By placing yourself as a consumer, you will better understand how the site navigates and its functionality.

An aspect that you believe works well may, in fact, hinder consumers' ability to appreciate the site fully. Easy navigation and good functionality are the best ways to ensure customers want to engage with your site more.

Having a plan of what you’d like your site to achieve is a good idea, too. Understanding the point of each aspect determines your functionality and will let you know what needs to happen. It is also important to ensure that it integrates well with social media and current technologies, as this will make you relevant and increase SEO.


Make sure to curate what goes on your site carefully. The intention is key. Key phrases and accurate meta descriptions are an excellent place to start. Do your research into this first to avoid making detrimental mistakes.

The Connection

Digital marketing nowadays needs to be considered in web development. Tactics should be developed to keep the site current and easy to find. Creating a website and never updating it again, no longer works for relevancy. If you plan on creating an online business, or website, consider the best way to go about it. Make sure to include digital marketing in whatever your plan is!


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