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  • Molly Curtin

How To Create Engaging Video Content For Marketing

Updated: Apr 28

video content for social media

If you consume content on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Hulu, or Netflix, then you’ve experienced or even been influenced by video marketing. Video marketing is a way of marketing or advertising in video format rather than text or image.

With the amount of time people spend on these platforms every day, and how much internet users' attention spans have shortened, you’d be making a mistake by not utilizing video marketing for your business!

If you aren’t already convinced of how video marketing could benefit your business, take a look at these statistics:

  • 1/3 of internet users are YouTube users

  • Social videos are shared 1200% more than text and images combined

  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos on the platform

With those kinds of numbers, video marketing could very well be the thing that launches your business to its greatest success yet! Here are a few tips for creating engaging content for your business.

Get Them Hooked!

As previously stated, internet users' attention spans are shorter than ever. To overcome this obstacle, you must grab your audience’s attention enough to keep them watching within the first few frames of the video.

You can do this by starting the video with an intriguing visual or with a phrase relating to the content of the video. Examples of these phrases include “Did you know…?,” “Here’s how to…,” and “What if I told you…?” You can also reduce your viewer’s chances of scrolling away by including an attention-worthy title and caption.

The first three seconds of your video are enough to make the viewer decide whether or not to watch the whole thing. Make those seconds count!

Keep It Short And Sweet!

No doubt as a result of TikTok’s massive global influence, internet users now prefer short-form content as opposed to longer videos. In fact, many TikTok creators have agreed that their best-performing videos with the highest engagement rates come in at just 7 seconds long.

Even if you don’t use TikTok, you can likely understand that lengthy videos that keep their message from the viewers for as long as possible are not clever or captivating—they’re just annoying. Keep this in mind as you plan out your videos!

Tell A Story!

Adding a narrative to your video with a beginning, middle, and end is an incredibly effective way of keeping your audience engaged. Human beings are naturally attracted to stories and the patterns they follow.

Let’s say you own a business selling shockproof phone cases. You could post a simple video of someone holding the case up to the camera, or you could instead post a video showing a person walking with their phone, dropping the phone, showing visible anxiety as they pick the phone back up, and then finally showing relief when they see that the phone has not been damaged since they were using your cases. Which of these videos would have a better chance of convincing you to look further into the product?

Listen To The People!

As a final tip, pay attention to how your audience reacts to your videos. After all, these are the people who might buy and use your product! Take in the good and the bad, and use all the information your audience provides you with to improve your videos in the future.

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