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  • Audrey Adams

Influencer Marketing: Make Up For Ever

Updated: Apr 16

influencer marketing

Born in Paris in 1984, Make Up For Ever is the brainchild of professional makeup artist Dany Sanz. Its mission is to offer high-quality products to makeup artists in the film and fashion industries.

During its journey to today, Make Up For Ever has continued its partnership with award-winning make-up artists and cosmetic scientists to create high-performance and high-impact products for men and women.

As a cosmetic brand, Make Up For Ever aims to inspire and empower everyone to find their personal edge.

In 2019, Make Up For Ever introduced an International Artists Rock! Event from September 18th through the 20th. This event spotlighted 21 influential makeup artists from around the world with a reach of 100 million fans worldwide. Let’s talk about their influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing and Make Up For Ever

Influencer marketing involves getting someone, anyone, who is in your niche with fans to talk about your brand. These people can have anywhere from 100 to 100 million fans, but you want someone who has some kind of reach to others.

In the case of Makeup For Ever, they chose 21 influential make-up artists who used their brand to showcase during a one-of-a-kind three-day experience, which they then featured on Instagram TV under the hashtag #ArtistsRock.

For example, they chose Ariel Tejada, a make-up artist with a reach of 2 million to include in this event. Ariel is known for his work with the Kardashian-Jenner family, so he is all over TV. His name is recognizable.

How can YOU do this?

You don’t have the funds to fly everyone who uses your brand to Paris for a three-day event showcasing what you do and how you do it, but you can do influencer marketing. Find those in your niche who use your brand. Make Up For Ever targeted professional makeup artists.

Find a way to showcase them using your brand and get them to discuss it. They used Instagram TV to showcase the event and even created a hashtag to promote and share it. Reward your influencer for their assistance.

Make Up For Ever gave them a new experience, new products to use, and an opportunity to participate in the product creation process.


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