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  • Audrey Adams

Markerly Platform adds TikTok Influencer Campaigns

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Digital Marketing

According to Justin Kline, Markerly’s founder, “Clients who activate influencer campaigns primarily for product placement and relevancy as a lifestyle brand are drawn to TikTok. [It] allows brands to be shown off organically, in an engaging way, without appearing salesy."

What is Markerly

Markerly is an influencer management and software company founded in 2012.

It provides two major things: white-labeled influencer software for those who want to handle their own campaigns from end to end and full-service campaign management of social media campaigns.

What is it about TikTok?

TikTok has been mentioned on this blog before: Social Media Marketing: Activate’s Report on Technology & Media. At only a year old in 2019, it boasts 500 million active monthly users.

A favorite among young adults, the brands successful on TikTok are the ones who embrace pop culture or the culture of imitation favored by their users.

Check out the TikToks of The Washington Post, Chipotle, or the San Diego Zoo to see examples of brands using TikTok successfully. The videos are often silly or easy to imitate making them fun to watch over and over again.

One thing Kline notes is, “TikTok is not like Vine”. In 2016, there was a mass exodus of Vine users and Markerly was ahead of the curve with the data they had been collecting.

This is not to say Markerly is prompting the use of TikTok above all others. In fact, it is encouraging its users to continue in what is considered the influencer trifecta: YouTube, Instagram, and Blogs.

For more discussion of how to use influencer marketing, check out our blog post: Influencer Marketing and Make Up For Ever.

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