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  • Audrey Adams

Miniaturizing the EPIC Model: HGS EPIC and You

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

On October 24th of 2019, Frost & Sullivan recognized HGS (Hinduja Global Solutions) with its 2019 Award for Customer Service Leadership. HGS, with its groundbreaking HGS EPIC social care program, has set itself apart according to Frost & Sullivan's market analysis.

Who are Frost & Sullivan:

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, leverages visionary innovation through collaboration with clients to address global challenges and growth opportunities.

For 50-plus years, Frost & Sullivan has developed growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector, and the investment community.

The Best Practices Awards given out by Frost & Sullivan cover a variety of sectors such as leadership, technological innovations, customer service, and strategic product development.

The analysts are responsible for their determination to compare and measure participants and performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in their quest to find the best practices in the industry.

How did HGS win:

HGS, with its social care program called HGS EPIC, won the award by creating, according to Michael DeSalles, the principal analyst for Frost & Sullivan, “an industry-leading social media and employee recruitment model.” He also states their world-class talent profile for hiring agents and recruitment model are clear competitive differentiators.

EPIC stands for Engage, Protect, Inform, and Create, a comprehensive philosophy supporting creating a large-scale positive brand image through efficient management of a brand’s social media. It combines AI and industry-leading platforms with a proven operating playbook written through hundreds of thousands of hours.

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How do YOU do that:

The standard small business owner doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of hours to devote to learning social media marketing or the resources to devote a department to it. So how do you build your positive brand image? You can use the EPIC model on a small scale.

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  • Engage - Choose your brand’s highest place and type of engagement. Being on every platform is a time-consuming scattershot. Being on a curated few platforms is a good use of one’s time. Find your customers and go where they are.

  • Protect - Keep an eye out for bad news. You should have at the very least a Google Alert for your brand name to make sure things aren’t being said about you that you have to combat. Have a crisis plan.

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  • Inform - Keep yourself updated on your competitors and emerging brand trends.

  • Create - Positive. Positive. Positive. Create positive and thus memorable moments, and ensure you create your content with your customer in mind. By taking the EPIC model and scaling it to the size of your business, you can create positive brand marketing for your brand and elevate your business to EPIC proportions.


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