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  • Audrey Adams

NEW social media platforms to rival Instagram

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Instagram is a great platform for sharing pictures of everything and many photographers are using it to load and show off their work.

Instagram Marketing

However, there are very few safeguards for

photographers who load their work on the platform.


With 55,000 users worldwide, Cherrydeck is the leading platform worldwide for professional photographers and videographers to use Instagram to speed up the growth

of their businesses.

It connects not only the photogs to each other but also to brands in need of their services for custom content. Some of the brands they work with are Coca-Cola, Nike, Vogue, and Dior.

The Cherrydeck CEO, Philipp Baumgaertel, had this to say:

“We think Instagram is great, but it's broken and full of stuff that doesn't matter. Our mission is to empower the creative community. We transform the way photographers, videographers and models connect amongst themselves and with businesses - making it easy for everyone to find and collaborate.”


The only service to integrate seamlessly with Instagram for the protection of copyright, Pixsy is there to automatically monitor images and their travel throughout the internet.

It offers an array of services including comprehensive case resolution service and automated DCMA takedown notices.

Kain Jones, Pixsy CEO, said:

“It's important for photographers to decide where and how their work is used online. We give them the tools and confidence to help them grow their brand and business."

Jones continued by stating,

"Copyright infringement is widespread, so it's our mission to fight for the rights of artists and turn back the tide of unauthorized image uses. Access to legal support should not be complicated or expensive, which is why we resolve cases globally on a no-win, no fee basis.”

Together, these two companies intend to make it safer for photographers to post their work on social media and keep control of it.

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