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  • Emily King

Top 8 Tech Startups in Miami, FL

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Startups in Miami must consider many different topics. Revenue potential, a leadership team, brand/product traction, and a competitive landscape are all things that must be thought of.

Most companies are independent, privately owned, under 10 years old, and have been awarded at least some funding to start.

Tech Startups in Miami, FL

Top 8 Tech Startups

1. REEF Technology

REEF was founded in Miami in 2013 and was voted among the best tech startups in Florida and Miami last year. They take parking facilities and convert them into successful mobility and logistic hubs. Their mission is to be the ecosystem connecting the world to your block.

2. Pipe

Pipe was first founded in 2019 in Miami. Pipe is made up of passionate entrepreneurs with a core mission of creating a new scale without debt so companies can grow on their own.

3. Marco

Marco, first founded in 2019 in Miami, FL, is the first tech-enabled financing platform specifically built for small and medium businesses. They expand to both the U.S. and Latin America.

4. Papa

Founded in 2016, voted one of the best tech startups in Miami in 2021, Papa is the first on-demand assistance service catering to seniors. Papa helps seniors with transportation, house needs, technology, and social experiences with their team members affectionately called Papa Pals.

5. OneOf

OneOf founded in 2021, is a green NFT platform built on blockchains for the music community. Their aim is to break down economic barriers by connecting fans and collectors with various artists. An NFT platform uses over 2 million times less energy than other networks, with buying and trading costing $0 in blockchain fees.

6. myBasePay

First founded in 2019, the company’s mission is to help organizations grow their talent development. Their aim is to achieve it with their EOR models and AI-powered technology. These technologies can create an ecosystem where organizations and workers can thrive on transparency.

7. Recur

Recur was founded in 2021 as a technology company designing and developing branded experiences allowing fans to buy, collect, and re-sell digital products and collectibles. The company is chain agnostic and fundamentally changes the NFT market by standardizing the decentralized recurring royalty creating wide distribution and reach for NFTs.

8. Novo

Founded in 2016 as a banking platform, Novo provides better business deposit accounts to companies. It is powered by many FDIC-insured banks. The company is known for bringing small business banking into today’s standards with easy tools for funders on the move. Startups are everywhere around us. Technology startups are quickly becoming part of this trend, with technologies constantly evolving.

Are there any tech startups near you?


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