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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Marketing, and by extension, digital marketing, is constantly evolving, paving the way for a new marketing trend. It’s not always possible or easy to get a pulse on the newest trends, but that doesn’t mean one can’t predict or observe how digital marketing for the year will shape itself. Here are 7 trends we think, will be the top digital marketing trends for 2023.

1. Metaverse

A virtual world in a world, and owned by Meta(Facebook), Metaverse is an untapped world where having a digital representation of yourself with the ability to do anything allows digital marketers to fill a void within social trading.

2. NFTs

NFTs known as Non-fungible Tokens are virtual assets that can be traded and are marked with a distinct token identifying it as the original and yours alone. As part of a marketing strategy, they have given away in lotteries, and using NFTs as part of marketing or as a tool itself can eventually lead to a new realm of growth and connections.

3. Cryptocurrency

Currently, there is an estimated number of 10-12 million crypto investors active in India, and it will gradually grow. Investing in cryptocurrency is now extremely popular, and cryptocurrency platforms are leaning into people’s desires for financial freedom by benefitting from the desire for free cryptocurrency as well as showing investors the potential of this opportunity.

4. Social Commerce

When your potential customer sees a product or service you are advertising, you don’t have a lot of time to convince them to buy from you. Using social media platforms to engage with social commerce, such as incorporating Instagram’s Shop feature to your marketing strategy, can drastically improve the chances of your potential customers seeing your ads and buying a product or service.

5. Voice Search

Voice search is growing more and more popular, as it’s easily accessible to anyone with a mobile device and its growing usage seems to signal that this method will be here for a long while.

With improved search precision, the act of using voice search has become more appealing and personalized, becoming even easier to gather relevant results that are more accurate to what you asked. Making your website accessible to voice search is key to your business thriving as you tap into a reservoir of untapped potential.

6. Programmatic Advertising

Advertisers can more precisely target their intended consumers using AI-assisted programmatic advertising.

In the long run, both higher conversion rates and cheaper client acquisition costs are benefits of automation, as they can be brought and then sold on a case-by-case basis that allows for more precise targeting.

7. Automated and Personalized Email Marketing

Automated email marketing is defined as sending emails to your consumers on a consistent basis, which is then dependent on preset triggers or timetables. Email is the most trustworthy avenue of digital marketing, with promotional emails being a great way to communicate with consumers about updates within your company.

Over time, however, many consumers no longer respond to promo emails as a result of over usage of bulk emails. In this case, personalized emails are the better way to maintain your base and in turn, have a more active consumer.

8. AI in Marketing

By analyzing a large amount of data, an AI program can discover patterns that perform best in the field or topic it studies. Then, with the AI's ability to learn, programmers can significantly modify results by letting the AI employ the methods it has discovered work best.

With an AI chatbot, many users can get their questions or concerns handled across many platforms at once. When analyzing large samples of data, the program AI can then find patterns that have the best performance within the area it is in. Combined with the capacity to learn, programmers can then refine results by allowing the AI to use the methods it discovered and deemed to work the most effectively.


Digital marketing trends that are currently on the rise are ones that capitalize on a shared experience or improve a customer experience which then makes better products, better advertising, and marketing to customers. Being aware of these trends can help you stay on top of the game as the field is rapidly changing throughout this calendar year.

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