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  • Alise Talley

Why Spotify Marketing Is Great For Brands

Updated: Apr 16

Spotify marketing

From KFC to Victoria's Secret, big-name brands have recognized Spotify as the underrated marketing platform it is.

With over 200 million listeners, Spotify has yet to gain the attention of marketers like other sites, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Although it’s not a traditional social media network (even though it should be), Spotify offers a unique marketing experience for companies and consumers.

Why Market On Spotify?

When it comes to audience intelligence, Spotify has it down to a science.

Spotify collects all the data from listeners, whether it’s songs they listened to, didn’t listen to, genre range, or songs on repeat. You name it.

From this, Spotify gains telling insights that businesses can use to learn more about their audience, or in their words, the audience’s “mood, mindset, and behaviors”. Based on this, companies can determine much about their audience’s behavior offline.

For instance, because millennials listen to a diverse range of music, Spotify’s analytics have derived that 44% of millennials are more likely to share information about new products with their friends.

That’s not all. Based on how often mothers listen to music on repeat, it was found that 46% eat fast food regularly.

Cool right? With this information, Spotify can provide dynamic ads to listeners who are more likely to buy your product.

How Is Data Collected?

Spotify collects data in five categories: discovery, diversity, tilt, nostalgia, and obsession.

Discovery is how often users listen to new music. This shows how willing they are to try something new.

Diversity is the range of genres the listener likes.

Tilt is how much users create a unique experience for themselves.

Nostalgia is how often users listen to current songs.

Obsession is how many times someone repeats a song.

From these combined factors, Spotify can create a user profile that understands a listener’s interests to match them with the best ad experience, giving marketers a more accurate target for their ads.

How Marketers Use Spotify

There are a few different ways advertisers can market on Spotify.

The first is audio ads. The audio is played between songs for users without a Spotify Premium subscription. This is available on all devices and comes with an image display that takes the users to your website or product.

The second ad type is a podcast sponsorship. With podcasts, the experience is more unique. The podcast hosts will present your message instead of offering a pre-recorded announcement. Podcast hosts can connect to their listeners in a more personal way than ordinary ads can.

Next is the video ad. Advertisers can sponsor an ad-free listening session for 30 minutes in exchange for them to watch a video ad. You can also do a video takeover, which is similar to the audio ads and plays between songs.

Lastly, you can sponsor a playlist. This option gives you access to the market on playlists favored by your target demographics. Brands can also get creative and make their own playlists.

For example, Wired AU put together several themed playlists, including a study playlist and one for more intimate moments. On the other hand, Netflix has made playlists for individual shows and movies, acting as more of a homemade soundtrack.

Spotify has much advertising potential and offers a diverse range of marketing strategies. So why not take advantage of it?

Leave a comment below shouting out some of your favorite brand playlists.


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