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10 Most Popular Asian Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Asian Restaurants in Savannah, GA

When people think of Savannah restaurants, they often picture rich southern cooking and succulent seafood.

Little do they know, the historic city is also home to many Asian restaurants that take the flavorful quality Savannah is known for and combine it with traditional South Asian dishes to make a meal that will leave you satisfied.

1. Flying Monk Noodle Bar

In the heart of the city on Broughton Street, Flying Monk Noodle Bar has become a local favorite, featuring a variety of Asian dishes originating from Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Korea, Laos, and others. The Noodle Bar brings together a range of cultural traditions to showcase the best of the continent’s noodle dishes.

Like other Asian restaurants, there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, so all can enjoy this authentic dining experience. While you’re there, make sure to try their signature duck noodle soup.

(912) 232-8888

5 W Broughton St.,

Savannah, GA 31401

2. CO

Like the Noodle Bar, CO brings together Pan-Asian dishes but has a focus on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Here, you can enjoy a diverse menu of noodles, pho, sushi, banh mi, dumplings, and pad thai.

Found in several locations, including Charleston, every CO restaurant has a unique, modern look to match their bold, flavorful food. If you're there for dinner, complete your meal by ordering one of their signature cocktails.

(912) 234-5375

10 Whitaker St.,

Savannah, GA 31401

3. Sakura Buffet

Looking for great food for a low price? Sakura offers buffet-style dining that lets you fill up your plate without breaking your wallet.

And it’s great for groups! From hibachi to seafood to sushi, Sakura has options for everyone. This casual atmosphere is a great way to relax and have a nice dinner with the whole family.

(912) 352-9668

220 Eisenhower Dr

Savannah, GA

4. Fire Street Food

If you want someplace trendy, Fire Street Food’s modern atmosphere pairs great with their Thai, Japanese food combo. You can dine on classic Thai dishes or a variety of sushi platters. The menu also takes advantage of fresh Savannah seafood with entrees, such as shrimp and crab sandwiches.

As for drinks, Fire Street Food has everything from bubble tea to smoothies to beer and wine. There’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

(912) 234-7776

13 East Perry Street

Savannah, GA

5. Sushi Time Towa

Sushi Time Towa is any sushi lover’s dream. There is no shortage of sushi options for you to try, whether it’s their Towa's Tortilla Roll or their Savannah Sunrise. But if that’s not your thing, they also have hibachi and noodle bowls as well.

(912) 920-3288

54 W Montgomery Xrd Frnt,

Savannah, GA

6. Saigon Bistro

Saigon Bistro brings traditional Vietnamese dishes to Savannah and tastes as good as they would back in Saigon. With pho, noodles, rice platters, stir fry, and more, Saigon Bistro has vegan, gluten-free, and meat eating options.

Their friendly service will make you feel welcome and comfortable while you finish your meal.

(912) 335-2025

5700 Waters Ave

Savannah, GA 31404

7. Hao Mongolian Grill

Another local favorite is Hao’s Mongolian Grill. At Hao’s you can make your own lunch or dinner bowls, with a choice of protein or seafood, vegetables, seasoning, and sauce. Or, you can choose one of Hao’s custom bowls, including Khan’s Pork, a pork bowl with carrots, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and Kung Pao Sauce.

Hao’s commitment to serving healthy foods means they only cook with the freshest vegetables and nutritious meats.

(912) 777-7596

7312 Hodgson Memorial Dr.

Savannah, GA 31406

8. The Noodle Bowl

Featuring noodle bowls from Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea, this pan-Asian cuisine restaurant has influences from all over the continent. Their signature pho, drunken noodles, and pad thai dishes are sure to leave you feeling full and happy.

(912) 692-1394

7054 Hodgson Memorial Drive,

Savannah, GA 31406

9. Wang’s II

For authentic Chinese food, go to Wang’s II. Their expansive menu provides plenty of options for classic Chinese dishes, such as wonton soup and orange chicken. With that, Wang’s uses Savannah’s fresh seafood to create their sweet and sour shrimp and prawns with lobster sauce.

Wang’s tends to serve large portions, so you can continue your dining experience the next day with leftovers.

(912) 355-0321

7601 Waters Ave suite a,

Savannah, GA

10. China Taste

Praised for their exceptionally speedy service, China Taste lives up to its name by bringing you a taste of China through their modern take on old recipes. Whether you order the lo mein, egg foo young, or the chef’s signature coconut chicken, you can rest assured that it is made with quality ingredients and the utmost care.

(912) 335-1165

2208 E De Renne Ave,

Savannah, GA 31404

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