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6 Lifestyle Brands With Great Social Media Content

Updated: Apr 29

Lifestyle marketing

Here are several lifestyle brands that have succeeded due to their fantastic content on social media.

Red Bull

Red Bull is a brand of energy drink that has laid the foundations for a community consisting of strong, passionate fans with its content. Videos that contain extreme sports, concerts, music festivals, and other high-energy moments help them to connect with their audience, creating sensations of excitement and adventure.

They also hone in on the ability to sell their brand and what it means, but not be overt in pushing their product due to their content being solely on the enjoyment of the moment, not selling Red Bull.

The audience is then able to start associating the product with things they love to consume. Furthermore, they post videos and other high-quality content on the same media sites where their target audience consumes their content.


GoPro is a wearable camera and accessory company that specializes in high-quality athletic photography. The brand has become synonymous with adventure.

One way it does that is by incorporating user-generated content. They encourage their consumers to show themselves off in their moment, as chaotic and adventurous as it can be, often as part of challenges and contests where they can win varying prizes in the form of cash, gear, and exposure.


Goop is a lifestyle brand that shares content on topics such as wellness, fashion, and travel as well as the intersections of those three geared towards women.

With the power of social media, Goop successfully connects with its audience, mainly by understanding its target demographics' pain points. Goop’s target demographic is currently looking for answers on how to be a better version of themselves and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

They haven’t been able to find from anywhere else, and are brought in due to Goop appearing to have the answers to those questions and giving them what they think will be the key to self-fulfillment.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an activewear brand that uses social media to engage in its mission to get the world active and share the philosophy that fitness should not be centered on just performance alone. Instead, they focus on having fun and being inclusive.

OV is known for its hashtag #DoingThings, a campaign centered around the notion that it's okay to do sports and outdoor activities without aspiring to be the first or the fastest.


Away is a luggage brand that actively uses social media to showcase its product’s unique features and benefits that they won’t find anywhere else. In addition, they use storytelling to romanticize luggage and show how luggage, in and of itself, is a core part of memories and memorable moments in customers' lives.

They also use social media to post user-generated content consisting of photos from followers featuring their brand in exotic destinations, which allows followers to focus on the aspirational aesthetic of the location, not the product featured.


Patagonia is an outdoor apparel brand that has a reputation for its upscale outdoor clothing and has had success with its social media due to the promotion of its mission for environmental activism, something that resonates with its audience.

They do this by sharing stories revolving around sustainability efforts and encouraging customers to do their part by rising up to the call for action to protect the planet. The company continues to grow by offering products that are designed to last.

Patagonia also backs up its pact of sustainability with several initiatives, one of them being that used Patagonia merchandise that is in good condition could be returned for credits, which is then cleaned, repaired, and sold on Patagonia's "Worn Wear" website.


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