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Companies With Great Social Media Marketing

Updated: Apr 29

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Nike, the athletic apparel giant, has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Their accounts contain high-quality images and videos of their products.

Nike’s main strength in its marketing and branding is its penchant for storytelling, where the company has created the ideals and values of belonging for its customers for nearly 50 years and creates awareness of its strength and growing ambition for constantly being stronger and faster.

Nike also uses influencers, celebrities, and important historical moments to establish itself as inclusive and socially aware.


Wendy’s, one of the most popular fast food chains in America, has made a name for itself on Twitter due to its humorous nature on social media and responding to other users and companies in a teasing, playful, and irreverent manner, which helps it stand out from other chains.

The company has started a system of ‘beefing,’ creating and responding to conflict hands-on, communicating with their users and competition.

Wendy’s keeps an eye on mentions and their competitors and will join the conversation when deemed necessary, either unprompted or when other brands intentionally start drama as part of their campaigns. Being quick on the draw has helped the fast food chain cement itself in the minds of consumers.


Airbnb is a vacation rental company that uses social media to build a strong community of loyal fans and customers. Using Instagram to share photos and videos of interesting, dynamic, and unique places worldwide, the company also takes time to highlight potential life-changing experiences that guests can have when renting with Airbnb.

They also have a YouTube channel showing dreamy vacation stays and many travel tips like the typical travel YouTube channel.

The company takes many steps to build its community of loyal travel enthusiasts all over the world, going to great lengths to repeat the messaging of unity, diversity, inclusion, and community to bridge the gap between the customer and their host, helping them to see the world from the other’s eyes.


The beauty company has a strong social media following, partly due to the visuals on its Instagram account.

In addition to beautiful visuals, the company prioritizes communicating with customers, keeping them in the loop, and understanding their highs, lows, and pain points exceptionally well, showing that they treat their customers as part of their community.

On their posts, they never use extreme, typical sales jargon; instead, they keep it fun and playful to avoid the vibe of a bland corporate brand.

Another critical aspect of their branding is reposting user-generated content on their Insta account. They routinely check what consumers post about their products and show their consumers using them in real-time with their routines.

What’s critical here is that Glossier doesn’t just repost the content of big influencers; they also repost the content of those with much smaller platforms.


Oreo is one of the most iconic cookie brands in the world. It maintains cultural relevance throughout time due to its ability to be relevant and engage on social media in varying ways.

Oreo has an impressive social media following, with 4 million followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on Twitter, with the company’s quirky, humorous posts and tweets never miss constantly grabbing the customer’s attention.

The brand also makes it a point to go beyond its relationship with Milk and Oreo, making announcements while revealing any upcoming collaborations with leading brands and celebrities or even marking an event.

Its ability to adapt and be customizable allows the company to attract many new customers, from kids to people who follow trends buying its product, making it stand out and build a strong, distinct image.

These companies show multiple ways to mix and match old tried and true strategies in new ways to connect with their audiences and stay relevant.


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