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Digital Marketing FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that relate to our agency specifically and that relate to general digital marketing.

Question: Why is digital marketing important?


With how things have been and are going, more companies and brands are moving into the digital space, especially after COVID-19.


Things such as SEO, organic social media growth, social media ads, email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies have become more and more important.


Traditional marketing approaches like TV, radio, and mailers offer no ways to track conversions and interest levels. This is one reason why digital marketing is so important for businesses and brands because key metrics can be tracked and recorded.

Question: What is SEO?



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Brands and companies need to utilize SEO in regard to their digital marketing approaches because it is one of the main ways people find out about what you're doing.SEO can be a complex topic due to all of the regular changes and the many associated parts.

Question: What are some of the top ways to build SEO for my brand or company?


Some of the best ways to build SEO for your brand is by the following methods:

  • Outline keywords and phrases that relate to your business.

  • Build a website for your company and brand that contains these keywords and phrases.

  • Ensure your website isn't slow and loads fast (ideally in 3 seconds or less). The faster, the better.

  • Make sure your site is user and mobile-friendly.

  • Use blogs that have topics relating to your business and use keywords/keyphrases.

  • Build out your Google My Business account.

  • Build up backlinks to your site from credible websites.

  • Make use of press releases for your brand or company.

Question: What is community building (organic Facebook growth)?


Community building (organic Facebook growth) is when you aim at building a community around your brand instead of just focusing on selling products or services to people.


These days, people do not want just to buy products or services. They want to buy into a mission or cause. A loyal following can be established by building a narrative for brands or companies that reflect a positive message.


Community building (organic Facebook growth) differs from social media ads because they aim to engage audiences instead of solely trying to sell to them.


This method creates an authentic and engaging experience that rapidly grows brands and companies. Organic Facebook growth creates lifetime customers instead of a one-time sale.

Question: Why is social media account management important?


Social media account management is important because small and medium-sized business owners already have a lot to do on a daily basis. Just running the business can be overwhelming.


However, digital marketing, including managing social media accounts, is extremely important these days. Having a presence on social media is a great way for potential customers to know you exist and to learn about your brand or company.


Managing social media accounts can be time-consuming, though. Regularly engaging on social media is one of the most important things a brand or company can do, so it's important to be consistent in managing your social accounts.


This is why outsourcing your management needs to Sugoi Solutions or other trusted digital marketing agencies can allow business owners to grow that presence while focusing on what they are best at, running their businesses.

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