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  • Alise Talley

Tiktok Has Plans to Launch New App

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

TikTok Digital Marketing

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’d know TikTok has been getting a lot of attention this week.

From Protonmail's announcement of TikTok’s extreme data collection and censoring content to President Trump’s executive order banning US companies from doing business with ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, the social media network has been the subject of controversy in the media.

However, TikTok fans will be happy to know that it’s not all bad news. The social media platform recently teamed up with Amazon to release its new app, “More on TikTok”.

What’s “More on TikTok”?

“More on TikTok” has the content TikTok fans crave, including compilations, playlists, and interviews with the stars of the site. Viewers will get more videos of TikTok icons with the new categories “In the Studio” and “This is TikTok”.

The new app is one of the latest offerings by Amazon Fire devices. Because it is a TV app, there are no logins or uploading involved. You simply sit back, relax, and watch entertaining, viral videos.

The launch hopes to take advantage of the increase in the popularity of digital content. With everyone stuck inside due to Covid, more people have been turning to Amazon Fire apps for more accessible entertainment. TikTok also hopes the app will be a new way viewers can engage with the platform. “More on TikTok” is now available for use.

But There Might Be Competition…

Despite the efforts to connect more with its audience, TikTok is getting more competitive. Instagram released its new video feature, Reels, allowing users to take short videos with music audio similar to TikTok. Instagram is hoping to lore TikTok influencers to change platforms.

After the start of the TikTok ban debate, some influencers who have made their mark on TikTok are looking for other options to preserve their following. Reels might be their solution.

Microsoft is another company looking to capitalize on the situation. The company is talking to ByteDance, TikTok’s China-based parent company, about buying their US operations. TikTok users are rooting for Microsoft, the current front runner for the purchase, to save the app.

Why the Ban?

Recent news has revealed that downloading the TikTok app gives ByteDance excessive access to user data, such as their IP address and browser history. The concern is the data will be shared with the Chinese government and is a breach of national security.

ByteDance has also been accused of censoring content not favorable to the Chinese government, like videos about Tiananmen Square.

The concerns arise as the administration worries the social media site will be used to spread propaganda before the upcoming election.

What Will Happen?

ByteDance has decided to take legal action. The company is suing the Trump administration, claiming the executive order is unconstitutional.

The hashtag “#savetiktok” was trending, as users show their solidarity with the app.

The fate of the app is uncertain. With all of the TikTok drama, “More on TikTok” may be another way the media network is trying to survive. One thing is clear, the network and its users are not going without a fight.

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