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  • Bianca Valdebenito-Millet

10 Delicious Restaurants in Brickell—Miami, FL

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

here are ten restaurants in Miami florida to try.

With Spring Break approaching and summer close behind, the timing is great for tourists and locals alike to eat out. Here are ten delicious restaurants in Brickell to try during your next night out on the town.


Located in Mary Brickell Village, Moxies is dedicated to creating a sense of community, and every meal is made with fresh, quality ingredients. From happy hour to weekend brunch, this is the place to be.


With a heavy Latino influence and care for their impact on the world, Burgermeister provides Brickell’s best burgers and fries.

They have a variety of specially crafted burgers, salads, and milkshakes. Alongside their fries, their sides include Hispanic dishes such as tostones, yuca fries, and bravas-style hand-cut fries.


Another Latino-inspired restaurant, Marabu is home to coal-fired Cuban cuisine. Their focus with every meal: bringing family recipes to life and creating a welcoming ambiance.

The menu ranges from rice and meat to seafood and vegetables to fit everyone’s tastes and has a Havana bar at the restaurant’s centerpiece.

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Once a Mediterranean Revival-style fire station and repurposed into a restaurant, Lolita has an international cuisine that gives honor to all their influences.

With both interior seating and the dining area of the rooftop terrace, you get a panoramic view of Miami. They emphasize passion in each dish, granting a one-of-a-kind dining experience every visit.

Stanzione 87

Even as woodfire ovens rise in popularity, Stanzione 87 stands out as a Neapolitan pizzeria specializing in handmade pizzas and natural wine.

Their dough is fermented for over 72 hours, the mozzarella crafted every morning, so you can trust every slice is made fresh and perfectly cooked.

Crazy About You

A sister restaurant to Lolita, Crazy About You is the next stop for you if you’re craving an upscale meal with waterfront dining that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

From brunch to dinner, their Latino-influenced meals are paired well with sampled cocktails and a beautiful view of Miami.


In the center of Brickell’s neighborhood, Komodo embraces the vibrancy of Miami’s atmosphere with its Southeast Asian roots.

The restaurant goes up three stories with over 300 tables, booths, and bar seats, and has a seamless blend of interior and exterior seating.

Osaka Miami

Craftily combining Japanese and Peruvian culture, Osaka specializes in Nikkei—a product of Japanese migrants cooking traditional dishes with Peruvian ingredients.

They’ve since spread their culinary influence, growing appreciation for the delicate and powerful cuisine all over the world. One bite, and you too will fall in love.

NAOE Miami

Although more on the pricey side, it’s worth it to visit this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award restaurant.

They focus on Japanese cuisine such as sushi and collaborate with sake and soy breweries located in Japan for an authentic, unique experience.

La Mar

Renowned chef Gastón Acurio brings the intricacies of Peruvian gastronomy to the table, fused with Asian and seafood ceviche.

This, combined with looking over the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay scenery, creates a one-of-a-kind experience guaranteed to make your time in Brickell the best it can be.

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