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  • Alise Talley

10 Miami Tech Startups That Are Making Headlines

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

With new tech startups popping up every year, businesses no longer flock to Silicon Valley like they used to.

Now, Miami has distinguished itself by housing some of the most innovative startups in the country.

Here are the top 10 tech startups based in Miami.


neocis logo

Neocis, a company founded in 2009 by design engineers Dr. Alon Mozes and Juan Salcedo, has been an innovative force in the health industry with their creation of Yomi, a dental robotics system.

Yomi can perform dental surgery robotically, eliminating person-to-person contact, a relief in the time of Covid-19.

PAPA logo


Founded in 2017, Papa addresses the unfortunate reality of the seniors in social isolation by pairing their Papa Pals, “highly motivated” college students, with individual seniors or families.

Papa provides a range of services, from virtual companionship to transportation to technology lessons.

Plum, Inc.

Plum, Inc. logo

Also originating in 2017 was the startup Plum, a wine preserver and dispenser.

Plum preserves wine for up to 90 days and can dispense between 2 and 150 bottles depending on the model.

Plum’s sleek aesthetic and unique approach to the beloved beverage has brought wine into the

21st century.

StartUp Miami

StartUp Miami logo

As you can already tell, Miami is a hub for innovative startups.

Capitalizing on this, the Knight Foundation created StartUp Miami, a directory for all things entrepreneurial in Miami.

Not only do they showcase the latest and greatest startups, but they also promote events, news, and job opportunities.

Arteza logo


One of the leading suppliers of art materials, Arteza has been servicing the art world for only 6 years.

With social media giving artists a platform like never before, Arteza is a go-to for any supply needs, such as paints, pencils, markers, canvases, and craft supplies.



Along with Arteza, 2015 brought us Taxfyle. As the name implies, Taxfyle is a tax filing app with over 60,000 downloads and 2,600 licensed professionals to date.

Taxfyle assists individuals and small businesses with the confusing tax process in a simplified and

helpful way.



NovoPayment brings banking into the digital age with it’s API approach to banking services.

With just your phone you can send and receive payments, open a card, and more.

Anything you can do at a bank, NovoPayment lets you do with a touch of a button.



In 2016, SmartBarrel was created to track and simplify data on construction sites.

With SmartBarrel technology, contractors can accurately measure their manpower, productivity, risk management, and more in real time.

SmartBarrel is making job sites safer with its data procession, and it even includes contactless temperature checks.


Cargobot logo

Cargobot is another company that’s bringing a new twist to a stagnant industry.

Cargobot connects cargo shippers and carriers directly through their app.

Shippers that need a cargo load moved can have vetted carriers bid on the shipment, giving any carriers with a truck a work opportunity.

Cargobot simplifies the shipping process through automatic invoices and its handling insurance liability.

Miami EdTech

 Miami EdTech logo

Miami EdTech was founded by Carlos Vazquez in 2012 to provide workshops to educate teachers on how technology can be used more effectively in the classroom.

Miami EdTech recognizes the potential technology has in uplifting education when used effectively.

The company works to give a voice to teachers who have solutions that they’ve developed in their own classroom and offers them a platform to share these with their fellow teachers.


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