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  • Molly Curtin

5 Restaurants In Miami, FL With Great Marketing

Updated: Apr 29

Miami FL skyline

A great way to figure out or strengthen your online marketing strategy is to look at how other brands and businesses market themselves. However, if you’re new to online marketing, it can be difficult to determine who is and isn’t successful in their strategies.

Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 restaurants in Miami, Florida, with great online marketing strategies that could help you learn something for your own business.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab is an iconic seafood restaurant that has been open for over 100 years. While many long-standing restaurants tend to show their age in their digital marketing, Joe’s Stone Crab is not one of them.

They have a captivating, easy-to-navigate, modern website with features for online booking and ordering, social media handles and contact information, the company history, and many images of the food they have become famous for.

Yardbird Southern Table And Bar

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar is a South Beach restaurant specializing in southern-style food. Their website is incredibly graphic and interactive and includes their social media information as well as menus for all their locations and titles they have received from Forbes, Southern Living, and Bon Appetit, among other publications.

Furthermore, their professionally curated Instagram page boasts 117K followers eager to see what’s cooking.

Versailles Restaurant

Versailles Restaurant is a family-owned Cuban restaurant that opened in 1971 in Little Havana. Their website is beautifully designed with eye-catching pops of emerald green and gold and is an excellent example of how to design a website as a digital version of your physical location. The website also provides social media information and company history.

Versailles Restaurant has been named “World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant,” and its website proves that this title won’t be going away anytime soon.

La Mar By Gastón Acurio

La Mar by Gastón Acurio is a Peruvian restaurant located in Brickell’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Their sleek website contains luxurious, professional imagery of the restaurant and the food it serves, aesthetically pleasing menus, and all the information you need to reserve a table or event.

In addition to the website, they maintain a lively Instagram page that displays a beautiful waterfront view of the Miami skyline, which will make you want to book your trip to Miami as soon as possible.

5. El Cielo By Juan Manuel Barrientos

El Cielo by Juan Manuel Barrientos is a Colombian restaurant in the heart of downtown Miami with a visually stunning online presence full of warm, elegant imagery complimented by shades of burnt orange.

Their Instagram page is just as captivating as their website. It maintains the same colors and warmth as the website, with beautifully composed images of their food, drinks, and unique experiences.

Hopefully, these businesses have inspired you to improve your own online marketing strategy. At the very least, you now have a list of restaurants to check out the next time you visit Miami.


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