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6 Food Brands with Great Content on Social Media

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A plate has a burger on the left and a pile of french fries on the right. Between them are two sauce containers.

There are a few things that unite everyone: food and social media. Food brands are practically everywhere on social media nowadays, but none have had the staying power compared to the brands mentioned today.


Starbucks has a large, strong, and loyal following on social media by sharing visually stunning content that showcases their products in creative ways. One of the ways they do that is by utilizing user-generated content as well as influencer marketing in order to be one with their audience.

With varying campaigns that strive to be inclusive for all, Starbucks encourages customers to include their product content and capitalizes on creativity, straightforward relation to Starbucks' brand and products, especially since they're so easy for anyone to join.

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's is well known for its fun, quirky social media content that reflects its brand personality and partially consists of humor and pop culture references to resonate with its audience.

The other part is ensuring they openly align themselves with organizations and individuals with the same goals, values, and perspectives as them. The ice cream giant understands the value of making its stances on social issues, and doing allows better reach of its activism and connects with its audience more.


Popular food brand Tasty has amassed a large following on social media via quick and easy recipe videos. Eye-catching visuals, step-by-step instructions, and engaging music have allowed Tastey to make both recipes and cooking more fun and accessible to their wide audience.

In addition, not only do they have accessible recipes, but they have also made them even more accessible by adapting them to portions of their audience who have varying dietary restrictions. They've also taken the extra step to put their recipes in native languages other than English.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has used its social media platforms to show its commitment to being healthy and sustainable with its food, lining up with its customers' values.

Displaying recipes and cooking tips and sharing information about sourcing practices/where they get their products helps develop the relationship with their core audience. After doing this for several years, Whole Foods has established itself as a trusted and reliable source to its audience, further inspiring its audience.


Chobani is a yogurt brand that uses social media to showcase the versatility of its products. They share recipes with photos that catch the eyes of their consumers and raise interest, meal ideas, and snack inspiration to show how yogurt can be used in various ways.

Chobani is aware that people don't necessarily buy just their product, they buy what they can do with it. They find success by creating a quirky, engaging, interesting, and warm atmosphere.


McDonald's uses social media to promote its menu items and connect with customers. They share behind-the-scenes content, such as how food is made and how its made in such a way as to guarantee consistent quality to their customer, one of their key aspects to success is being consistent in terms of taste and quality, no matter which location you visit worldwide.

In addition, they have interactive features and promotions that consist of all-day breakfasts, "Happy Meals," and fostering brand loyalty via the McDonald's Rewards program, allowing customers to earn redeemable points for free items. This allows them to engage with their audience and keeps them returning for more.


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