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  • Emily King

7 Tips For Managing Business Social Media Accounts

Updated: Apr 22

Managing Business Social Media Accounts

Managing your social media accounts can seem unimportant. After all, who really looks at them other than your friends and family? But, no! Stop that way of thinking.

More people than you think take a look at your pages and see what you post. Maybe you post all the time with little interaction. Or, perhaps you never post because it seems to take up too much time. Never fear!

We’ve got tips to save you time and improve your results. Over the past two decades, social media usage has grown exponentially. Almost every person in the world has used social media or has/had their own account. Now, there’s an app for quite literally everything.

Eating out? Got it. Grocery shopping? Got it? Medicine? Covered. Need a new shirt? No problem. Many of these apps have been reviewed by others who need them. As a user, you’ll trust the reviews of people who have used the app more than its description.

What Is It Used For?

Social media is a popular way to look into brands that you potentially want to buy from. Always check the product reviews first. These will give you a great idea of whether the quality of the product is worth your money. When visiting the brand’s social media platforms, it’s not a bad idea to check out the comments under their posts; often, people will relay issues they’ve had there.


Considering all of the features and different aspects that can go into social media management, it’s not surprising it can be a lot to handle. Your business needs to establish a well-recognizable, highly recognizable, engaging, and always updating brand. Below is a list of tips to help with your business's social media management.


While a constant flow of content is great, your priority should be accurate, detailed, and trustworthy posts. If you post a lot, but what you’re sharing doesn’t have the correct information, it damages your reputation. It’s also important to share more than what’s trending. Meaningful, long-lasting posts are a must to establish relevancy and influence.

Analyze Data

As we said before, having a lot of posts is good. Visibility decreases the less that you post. But when you’re trying to post the best, most accurate data, it can be hard to post a lot!

An easy cure for this is reposting content multiple times, in multiple ways, i.e., the same blog post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Another easy fix is to make a quick post about something trending currently. I know I know, I just said not to though! Posting trends is perfectly acceptable and is even encouraged in small doses.

Be Charming

Mind your p’s and q’s. Remember that what goes around comes around in the sense that being nice and courteous now could pay off in the future. Kind engagements and interactions with the people who choose to interact with you can go a long way.

Another thing to remember is what you’re posting. If you find it hard to figure out what to post, consider installing a management tool that can alert you when keywords you have saved have something new posted. That way, you can always rely on a repost.

Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling!

Manually posting multiple times a day is…exhausting. Luckily, no one expects you to do that. Scheduling tools such as Hootsuite make it easy to post away from your desk. Posts will be set on a timer, letting the site know when they need to be updated. These tools are also great for recognizing when you are seeing the most engagement and for letting you know the best time to schedule posts.

Automate Repetitive Tasks Via IFTT

IFTT, If This, Then That, can help you set up commands linking to different applications that will then automatically perform the actions when triggered. Let me explain. If you were to get an alert that the UV rays were high for the day, it would trigger a reminder to put on sunscreen.

Social Media Analytics

Knowing how many people look at your posts is vital for managing a business's social media page. You can’t make the best decisions for your accounts if you don't know the numbers. There are many social media tracking apps available for this.

Be Real

Most importantly, don’t lose your humanity. Let your followers know there is a real person behind your account. A little bit of flair never hurt anyone. Directly responding and interacting with individual accounts is a great way to start this. Adding emojis and graphics to text posts also works. However you decide to manage your social media accounts, it’s sure to be a hit! What tips did you find to be the most helpful?


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