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  • John Bayliss

Social media growth & organic advertising

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A smart phone displaying on open app folder titled "social media." The app shortcuts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be seen in the folder.

The decline of organic reach on social has forced many small businesses to change their digital marketing strategies.

With many platforms prioritizing paid advertising over organic, it's looking like social media marketing is no longer the affordable business strategy it once was.

Using a hybrid strategy that balances paid and organic reach is the most effective way of combating these new obstacles.


I'm here to tell you that organic social media is still an important area of focus for your online marketing efforts. However, there are several new obstacles that you should be aware of going forward.


As social media rises in popularity, so does the online presence of competing brands.

Changing Algorithms

Facebook is an example of a social media platform that has changed the criteria for how content spreads across its user's feeds. This means that space for your content is at a premium, and you'll have to be more competitive and flexible in your content approach.

Paid advertising

Finally, it's become apparent that platforms are beginning to prioritize paid advertisements over organic ones. This is affecting the affordability that made social media such an attractive marketing platform in the past.


Now that we know what we're up against, we can start looking at ways to address these challenges.

Some of the examples I will be covering include:

Brand authority

People trust authority figures. If you can position yourself as a leading industry expert, then customers will likely trust you over your competitors.

Methods for building credibility include:

Communicating values

Having a social media presence is the first step in creating a successful online brand. You should have a recognizable aesthetic that communicates your company's goals and values. Whenever you post, think about how your brand is portrayed and whether that portrayal is consistent with those values.

playing the long game

What's important to understand about organic social reach is that it's an investment in the future more than anything. It may be a while before you see the benefits, but persistence is everything. Your goal is to build your company's brand, which is invaluable in the long run.

Public engagement

The user experience should be at the front of your thoughts when designing a social media marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide the perfect forum for receiving audience feedback, which you can use to optimize your marketing strategy. They're also a great place for building a community that will engender a long-lasting relationship with your readers.

Final thoughts

The principles of a hybrid organic/paid social marketing strategy are simple: paid provides immediate visibility, while organic provides long-term visibility. Combing the two strategies will ensure that your brand can weather anything the future may bring while becoming an industry leader.

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