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  • Emily King

Best Email Marketing Practices

Updated: Apr 24

Best Email Marketing Practices

Email is still a very active, very useful tool. Lately, there has been an incredible bump in email engagement regarding marketing. Every time you shop, you’re asked if you’d like to sign up for the store’s reward program through your email at checkout.

Signing up for one store can often lead to a stream of targeted email marketing ploys from others. Most people check their email daily and prefer to receive marketing materials this way. If you think email marketing could be useful to you, keep reading, here are 13 Email Marketing Techniques That Get Results

Analyze Your Data

Using the right software, you can learn how many people open your email, click on your call to action (aka CTA) that directs someone to your website, and how many purchases were made from your email. It’s important to figure out the best time of day to send your emails to have the biggest impact. Monitor it closely to determine what works best for you. You can figure this out by testing different send times to spot the trends.

What’s The Best Day?

Engagement levels will vary depending on the day you send your emails. Research has revealed that most digital marketing is successful on Wednesdays, and most emails are open on Mondays. Fridays have the lowest rate of openings. The earlier in the week your email is sent, the more engagement you’ll have.

When’s The Best Time Of Day?

In line with finding the best day, figuring out the best time of day is important, too. Most people open emails in the mornings during the week. But remember, that’s also when most emails are sent, meaning you’ll have lots of competition for attention. This leaves a bigger chance for your email to be deleted without ever being read. Test out sending emails in the afternoon to cure this.

Don’t Send Too Many

No one likes to see a bunch of random emails in their account. Don’t be among those sent to the junk folder. Figure out how many emails are appropriate to send out each week and how often to send them during that week. If you find it hard to produce digital content, it’s likely a hint that you’re saying too much. Utilize email for marketing IF and ONLY IF your content is engaging.

Targeting Customers

The right audience will want to interact with what you send. The more familiar someone is with your brand and has bought a product from you, the more likely they will interact with marketing campaigns. To figure out the best audience, make sure you can connect your email marketing tools with your sales data. There is plenty of software out there that can help with that.


Digital marketing is a great way to catch a previous customer’s attention again. Studies have shown that customers are most likely to open an email from a company within the first two months after making a purchase. Take that time and make it both appealing and engaging! It’s all about catching their attention.

Resend Emails

Often overlooked, sending emails more than once is important to bring in customers who may have missed it the first time. Of course, don’t send the same email; change it up a little, which could mean the difference between a purchase and the trash button.


Making something relevant to the person opening it is a big help. Using data available to you through a customer’s past purchases to create an email gives you a better chance of catching someone’s attention. Personalizing messages increases relevancy and opportunity for engagement.

Fixed Discounts VS. Percent Off

Promoting discounts is a popular way to encourage customer engagement. However, marketing emails that utilize a fixed amount ($25 off) rather than a percentage (15% off) have a higher use rate.

It’s All In The Template

It’s important to choose the right template based on the reason for your digital campaign. For example, an event update would look very different from a monthly newsletter.

Use An Attention Grabber

Subject lines are one of the most important factors and could, in fact, mean the difference between opening an email and deleting it. They should be clear about what’s inside the email and encourage people to view it more. Make them fun, too!

How To Avoid The Deadly Spam Filter

We’ve all seen the “Click here for a prize!” emails. Though they sound fun, they also sound incredibly sketchy. The chances are, your email won’t even make it to their inbox with a title like that. Spam filters are set to catch characteristics that register as suspicious, such as all-caps subject lines, low text-to-image ratios, multiple exclamation marks, and exposed HTML in the body of the email.

Action Content

Of course, a worthwhile email is always the goal. Always keep your goal in mind when crafting an email. Keep it simple by including a single actionable link that people can click on. This should be the center of your email (ie, RSVP here). Be clear and concise, and tell them what they want!

What do you think? Will these tricks and tips be helpful when crafting your next marketing email?


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