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  • Bianca Valdebenito-Millet

Top 10 Industries that benefit From Digital Marketing

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In order to stay ahead of the game, companies must learn to adapt to technological advancements in order to stay relevant in the online business world. The next step in the technological evolution in business is digital marketing.

Digital marketing tips


Well, it’s in the name. Marketers are expected to benefit from digital marketing as they’re the mediators between industries and online trends.

Since their revenue depends on their strategies, it’s vital for them to master one of many digital channels such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising, and much more.

Digital marketing + law


Lawyers, who rank amongst the top in the digital marketing industry, should be able to mediate between laws and people who those laws apply.

With useful, easy-to-understand content, they can attract viewers to their business and improve interaction.

Health industry benefits from social media


With the COVID-19 pandemic causing an overflow in hospitals, people are realizing how important it is to have access to healthcare online.

Whether they need to book an appointment, renew medications, or search how to handle a seizure, having articles with information can help people solve minor emergencies on their own.

Digital marketing + retail


With the influx in popularity of online shopping, retailers must push their businesses to follow suit.

This grants them more access to customers and gives them a larger list of products to buy than can be displayed within a store. This, combined with advertisements, can lead to brand growth and a larger following.

Digital marketing + luxury car industry


From billboards, magazine ads, and commercials, it’s natural that the next step in marketing a luxury product such as a car would be moved to the digital world.

This not only saves car companies money compared to the traditional advertisements but grows the pool of potential consumers.

Digital marketing + education industry


Quarantine has led to schools shifting online, allowing easier interaction between students and teachers.

This makes education convenient, but also creates competition in the industry, leading to colleges and schools using social media platforms in order to keep students updated on on-campus events and training courses.

Digital marketing + food industry


With no time to prep and cook meals, eating out has been on the rise.

In such a competitive industry, digital marketing is vital for creating a connection between the company and the consumers so they keep coming back.

Digital marketing + entertainment


Entertainment can be found everywhere on the internet.

Whether it pertains to movie trailers, music videos, or celebrity scandals, publicity depends on how it’s presented to the public.

Social media channels are the most effective way to promote shows and movies or organize events.

Digital marketing + fashion


Fashion connects directly to retail in terms of online shopping as trends in clothing determine what people buy on the internet.

These can be sent to thousands through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, heavily increasing their value and revenue.

Digital marketing + real estate

Real Estate

As people look to escape the city lifestyle with a rural home, the demand for real estate agents grows, leaving them with a lot to juggle.

Social media channels can help them promote properties using SEO tactics and other digital marketing skills.


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