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How To Build A Personal Brand On Social Media

Updated: Apr 28

Personal branding

A strong personal brand is key to potential new connections and networking opportunities based on how your consumers and other people perceive you and your brand. The best way to build up your brand is through social media, but success with social media is difficult to achieve and wildly varies. Here are some tips on how to put your brand on the road to success in the social media realm.

Unique, Consistent Brand And Voice

When it comes to your business' personal branding, consistency is key, as it will ensure that it will be trustworthy to your consumer base. It will take experimentation to know the right tone and image for your business and ensure it reflects across your varying social media profiles. Possible ways to maintain your image across these platforms are:

  • Guidelines: With a set goal for your platforms in mind, any social media post you make will adhere to the guidelines created.

  • Multiple Channel Integration: Integrating your social media profiles will grant you the ability to post in varying places and maintain the consistent presence and voice created.

  • Visual Consistency: Having the same profile photo and color palettes helps users easily find and follow you across various social media accounts.

  • Presence: Having a strong, positive voice in discussions within your industry helps your brand maintain a good reputation.

Learn From Influencers

Knowing how influences across varying platforms have succeeded in building their brands can be a big help in understanding how to elevate your own brand.

Notable steps to take here are finding a well-known influencer who has thrived in your industry and when you have found whose technique you like to follow, analyzing how they operate to see where you do well and what can undergo more improvement.

Test your observations on your own networks. Following the avenues of your chosen influence can keep you in the loop about marketing trends that can be applied to your own brand.

Social Media Posting Schedule

When it comes to marketing your content, you want to make sure that you hit the sweet spot. Underposting can cause you to fade into obscurity while overposting can cause followers to mute anything you share.

Research will need to be done to find optimal posting times when your demographic is the most active across varying platforms. This will allow you to post when your content is most likely to be seen by your audience. Once you know when your demographic will be online, you should create a posting calendar to keep track of when and where your posts are shared.

Engaging, Uplifting Content

Creating a brand that actively reflects who you are and the goals you desire to achieve requires you to know what needs to be done to maintain a positive perception of your persona. Any interactions and content you share do reflect your personality and what you stand for.

When you’re not posting, contemplate creating content your followers would want to see. This time can be used to comment on content that comes across your feed. Your comments should be relevant to the posts and avoid personal topics. It’s okay to personalize by adding personal opinions and other things, but do keep in mind that too much can put your brand at risk of alienating your audience.

Whenever you’re speaking publically, work on maintaining positivity and steer away from conversations involving talking down about people or businesses since it can negate the brand image you have spent time curating.

Join Social Media Groups And Forums

Joining active, relevant groups and forums will help cement you as a leader within the industry by giving you a platform to connect with others while you gain more brand awareness. Getting a search function to discover groups that have your area of knowledge, and also has many advantages to be gained from social media groups, such as:

  • Expand your network connections

  • Motivation to achieve your goals

  • Accountability and insightful criticism

As you find groups to join, join in and add any takes you have to ongoing conversations; not participating can cause you to miss out on the advantages that social media offers.

Industry groups will have your industry competition, so smaller groups fixated on certain topics might be an easier way to reach your demographic and more effective for your marketing efforts.


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