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  • Molly Curtin

Google Analytics: Understanding Insights for Your Business

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Like it or not, numbers are a massive part of the inner workings of a business. This is especially true when it comes to the marketing side of your business.

Thankfully, instead of having to figure out your business insights on your own, Google Analytics does the work for you.

Google Analytics is a web service that tracks and reports website traffic and statistics to help you gain a better understanding of how your website is performing.

If you are not yet sure of how this kind of software can play a role in improving your business, read on!

Who’s Visiting?

Consumers are what keep a business running and evolving, so it is incredibly important to gain a good understanding of who your consumers are and where they are coming from if you haven’t already.

Google Analytics provides a breakdown of the number of visitors coming to your site from each country as well as reports on both the total number and number of new visitors coming to your website.

GA refers to each person as a “user,” and all the information on your website’s uses can be found in the audience tab in the navigation sidebar.

Get Them Clicking

Having a significant number of website views is not an accomplishment unless those viewers are engaging with and enjoying what your website is providing. Google Analytics can provide statistics on this.

In the reports tab in the navigation sidebar, you can see insights on activity such as how many people are visiting each page on your website and how long people are spending on each page. If used correctly, this feature can greatly benefit your marketing strategy.

If the statistics show that users do not seem to be engaging with your website in the way you want them to, you have the opportunity to change things up and make your site more user-friendly.

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What’s Your Goal?

One of the coolest and most helpful features of Google Analytics is its goal-setting feature. Under the conversions tab in the navigation sidebar, you can set goals on the number of conversions your website produces. These goals can be related to the number of clicks on a certain link, the number of sales made, or any similar statistic that relates to your business.

This can also be incredibly insightful to your marketing strategy. If you do not seem to be hitting your goals as efficiently as desired, it could be a sign that your marketing strategy, brand direction, sales method, or product is not strong enough.

While these sorts of statistics can be discouraging if they do not look the way you would like them to, take advantage of them and the opportunity they give you to improve your business. That way, you can strengthen your chances of hitting those goals!

As you can tell, Google Analytics is an incredibly handy resource for any business owner. In today’s world where digital marketing is more prominent than ever, not using Google Analytics would be a mistake! Looking for more information on business statistics and insights? Check out the articles linked below!


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