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How to Build A Successful Marketing Team

A group of five different people are surrounding a table with papers containing graphs and other data scattered on the table.

Having a strong marketing team is a key asset to ensuring your startup is a success, but knowing what steps to take to get there can be stressful. Here are some general strategies you should keep in mind as you build up your marketing team.

1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion should always be kept in mind

As you start to build your marketing team, it is necessary for diversity, equity, and inclusion to be a fundamental aspect of the process. While the team is being built, you want to ensure that these things are being woven into every aspect of your recruitment process.

Some examples of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion include advertising roles through diverse channels and standardizing the interview process.

2. Hire motivated people

As you’re starting out, chances are you do not have unlimited resources to bring on scores of marketers. It is more than likely you only have enough resources to bring on a small handful. The key to making the resources you have work to your advantage is to bring on those who are highly motivated to be part of the team, learn/try new things, and is highly skilled in creating/managing assets the team needs.

3. Hire a marketing customer experience leader

Customer experience, the act of putting the customer first is a very crucial aspect of building the marketing team. Your consumer will be more likely to engage and value a brand that reciprocates this back.

4. Hire early

Here, it would be ideal to plan ahead and look at your marketing team’s long-term vision and ambitions and figure out which roles need to be filled to reach those goals. In order to ease the challenge of simultaneously hiring early and scaling the marketing team, it is best to hire ahead of time when specific roles need to be filled.

5. One data set

A centralized, unified system to collect and analyze data is vital for your marketing team so processing data can grow with your team as you scale.

6. Customer Retention is the focus

Your existing customers are one of your strongest assets, forgetting them while trying to acquire new customers is one of the biggest mistakes you can make early on. To avoid this, build a strong customer support strategy to help customers have any and all needs met.


Your marketing team and how you build it up will serve as a key indicators of the success of your startup. Following these suggestions can be a big help and improve the chances of your startup succeeding.


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