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  • Emily King

Best Ways to Market Cannabis & CBD Brands

Growing Cannabis Brands Online

Even though most states are finally easing up on restrictions regarding cannabis marketing, it’s still widely viewed as something to be wary of.

The marketing of legal products, such as CBD is the main force behind changing this idea and forging ahead.

The recent increase in marijuana legalization for medical use and recreational purposes has the potential for growth and profit.

If you want to increase sales while improving your brand in the process, keep reading to find out how.

1. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

As of late, there are countless marijuana-friendly ad platforms at your disposal.

Collaborating with these ad networks can grow your traffic relatively quickly.

If you are having a hard time promoting with social media, try out one of these cannabis networks such as MANTIS Ads, ALT ADN, Traffic Roots, or RevOffers.

2. Establish an Online Presence

Searches for CBD and weed products online have increased greatly over the past 15 years.

Creating a website and online store for your product is a great place to start gaining recognition. The eCommerce market has welcomed the sale of marijuana products.

It might be tough going at first with restrictions on delivery carriers in the US, but keep in mind, gaining legal permissions and licenses to sell online is a start.

3. Don’t Forget to Optimize

Less is more in some cases. Honing in on a few keywords will help optimize SEO and grant you the most relevancy in searches.

Smart digital marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure to identify top keywords to boost site traffic and coincidentally, sales.

4. Write Guest Posts

Proven to be one of the best tactics for marketing to get exposure quickly, guest posting is a great way to create brand awareness.

Check for popular websites and magazines where you can write on medical marijuana, cannabis, CBD, and related products.

Posting on niche websites with a lot of traffic can strengthen your profile and boost site traffic, improving your search rankings.

Make sure to follow the site’s guidelines and requirements.

5. Leverage Influencers

The brand value will skyrocket if you properly use influencer digital marketing.

To start, figure out the perfect partner as an influencer for your campaign.

The hardest part is finding the right person, with the right amount of reach and influence.

6. Educate

When it comes to marketing cannabis, educating potential buyers can be more effective than selling.

Despite its growing popularity, many people aren’t aware of the benefits of marijuana.

It’s a good idea to plan out an educational content calendar on related topics including ideas for blog posts, social media, and visuals.

7. Get Creative

You might find that traditional marketing methods won’t work with marijuana products.

That’s why getting creative through Instagram and Pinterest is important.

Pick impactful visuals with impressive images and videos with the appropriate accompanying hashtags.

Informative write-ups that go along with the graphics are equally important. It’s not the best idea to sell your product directly on Instagram though.

Instead, offer links to the eCommerce sites where you do sell.

8. Locality

Local markets as a focal point will give you immediate visibility.

Don’t forget the local market niche when setting up your website.

Look for low-cost advertisers and non-mainstream media to get started.

Billboard advertising is another great way to traffic attention.

Being listed as a local business will allow those shopping for marijuana products to locate you quickly.

9. Radio

Broadcasting platforms are becoming more open to ads for marijuana products.

Make sure you choose the station best suited for the demographic you are looking for.

Depending on your local laws and the Federal Communications Commission though, you might find it a difficult medium to use.

To get around this, consider using satellite radio stations.

10. Event Marketing

This kind of marketing will give you a stronger chance to connect with different brands, vendors, entrepreneurs, and buyers.

Try not to limit yourself to just booths, make sure to get out there and speak with the people walking around.

Most importantly, alert people about your presence at the event through social media.

If you follow these simple steps, you’re almost sure to have a successful time marketing your product.

Which method was your favorite?

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