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  • Molly Curtin

How To Optimize Your Marketing For Mobile Devices

Updated: Apr 28

Optimize digital marketing on smart phone

How many times a day do you unlock your smartphone?

Don’t worry- we’re not here to shame you.

Smartphones are undeniably useful little tools for communication, research, entertainment, work, and countless other things that help—and maybe sometimes distract—us in our everyday lives. That being said, utilizing the popularity of mobile devices in your marketing strategy is absolutely critical.

In fact, 75.1% of internet users browse the web on their mobile devices rather than their computers. If you are not yet utilizing mobile marketing, you are missing out on a huge part of your target audience! If you’re ready to change your brand with the help of the little devices that changed the world, you’re in the right place.

Getting Started

Maybe you don’t yet have a mobile marketing strategy because you aren’t sure where to start. We don’t blame you! The world of mobile marketing can seem vast and intimidating, especially if you aren’t the most tech-savvy individual.

There are many different effective mobile marketing strategies, but the best way to reach a wide audience with mobile marketing is by having strong SEO, or search engine optimization, a strategy that works for mobile and desktop devices.

Check out this article on SEO for an in-depth explanation! You can also utilize simpler strategies such as mobile ads, mobile apps, coupons, and marketing through text and email that may be more familiar to you.

The Face Behind The Screen

As you’re focusing on strengthening your mobile marketing strategy, make sure to think about the person behind those mobile devices- your consumer.

Take some time to think about your target consumer, how they spend their day, how they use their devices, and the points where your company could potentially connect with them throughout their day.

Do they use social media, and, if so, what platforms do they use? Do they prioritize checking their email for coupons and promos? How much time do they spend browsing the web? Do they prefer to access content through apps or web browsers?

Also, think about what your consumers, and consumers in general, want in a company—easy-to-navigate websites, transparency, and the feeling that the people behind the company genuinely value and care about them.

Keeping these things in mind is a surefire way to grow and maintain your audience.

Numbers Don't Lie

No matter what mobile marketing strategies you decide to use, be sure to keep track of the statistics associated with them.

These statistics include but are not limited to things like the amount of time people are spending on your app or website, how many people are signing up for your services, how often people are visiting your app or website, and if people are revisiting your app or website.

As you are likely aware, the internet and mobile space are constantly changing, and tracking the numbers generated by your marketing strategy is an effective way of assessing how it is working over time and whether it needs to be tweaked or changed entirely.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel at least a little more prepared to expand your company through mobile marketing. As stated earlier, the mobile world is vast and can be very overwhelming. The good thing about this is that no matter who you are or what you offer, there is space for it in this wireless world!


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