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  • Audrey Adams

Creating a Unique Experience: TACOTOPIA

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Back in July of 2019, TACOTOPIA and Rob Ryan teamed up to produce a private affair to celebrate influencers and the creativity that they bring out. One night only, exclusive, and eye-catching, the whole idea just screams, “Talk about me!”

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan is the owner of Rob Ryan Digital which specializes in influencer relations. To that end, Rob has been both the influencer and the brand of the company.

Influencer marketing

As an influencer, he was involved with a popular (2.5 million reach) Livestream series and ranked in the top 1% of the world for content performance according

to TikTok.

Called the “influencer to the influencers,” he has also gotten major brand deals from top brands and

produced top-tier events such as the


How do you follow in Rob’s footsteps and get influencers for your brand talking about you on a budget?

  1. Invite them, and just them, over. The guest list for this event was a who's who, but a select group of them. YouTube stars and TikTok influencers would take their videos and show them to their followers. That puts your brand front and center in an experience everyone doesn’t get to have, but everyone will want.

  2. Show them something special. TACOTOPIA, a pop-up museum/playground celebrating the American love for tacos, is presented by Cholula Hot Sauce. It offered, at the time, a unique experience making it worthwhile to share and talk about online.

  3. Don’t forget the goodies. Send them home with something everyone can’t get and there will be review videos in your future. Anything which will get them talking about your brand, in a good way, is in your favor.


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