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How to Use Social Media to Help Improve Your SEO

Updated: May 18

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Improving your SEO strategy is imperative as it increases visibility and Google ranking, yet competition makes appearing on search results a challenge. Curious to learn how to incorporate social media in your content strategy to improve SEO? Here are some useful tips to help you understand how to succeed with social media.

1. High-Quality Content

When it comes to content, quality is king, and you want to make well-made and relevant content for your audience is one of your top priorities. Spending time researching materials and making content with readers, ideally understanding your readers.

Engage in these three steps to start improving your social media SEO:

1. Find a blog post that has performed well within the search engine and has plenty of backlinks

2. Make your content similar, but add your spin to it by being longer, more thorough, and more recent

3. Contact the marketers who used the original piece and have them use your updated version. With marketers finding the original useful and linking to it, there will be a high chance to link your content.

2. Have Content Easily Accessible

Social media is useful for marketers to help them have a broader reach to more consumers, however, the challenge lies in getting the message out. Having your content easy to access is helpful for your consumers by having appealing, engaging, and helpful content that would be that attracts visitors.

Potential clients will survey your social media profiles before directly reaching you, as they are seeing to understand what you provide and who you are.

Not optimizing your profile is a big factor that can have a negative impact on your social media accounts for SEO and doesn’t allow you or your brand to appear on the search engine.

A strong, optimized social profile allows your target market and potential customers to find you. Having consistency across channels: social profiles aligning with you and your brand message makes it easier for your audience to find you faster.

3. Optimizing Images

Having visuals can be crucial to your SEO and marketing strategy by helping you curate the tone of your brand and transmit information. However, this doesn’t mean just slapping these visuals willy-nilly, knowing how to optimize them correctly, can help your SEO immensely.

Doing the following can help you out on your quest for optimizing images:

  • Having appropriate file names for images and the right image format

  • Reduce file size to have images load faster

  • Create compelling captions with keywords, along with having keywords in the alt text and title text

  • Include image structured data.

4. Build Relationships Through Active Conversations

Engaging with your customers on your social media accounts can be one of the best ways to boost engagement, as fostering these relationships can foster your credibility as well as help you know your target demographic better. Taking the initiative to form these bonds can come in many ways, such as:

  • Using relevant questions to know what your demographic feels about your brand

  • Answering questions customers might ask regarding your platform as well as responding to comments

These are just two ways to engage with your demographic and help improve your SEO as well as factors that Google uses to rank your site.


These pointers can set you up to get a head start to understand how to use social media for SEO and experimenting with varying methods is also crucial to keep up a trend of success.

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