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  • Emily King

Here Are 10 Ways to Promote Your E-Com Business

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Starting your own business comes with a million little things that need managing. Whether you’re planning out your merchandise, the theme, a target audience, or even rebranding, it all means nothing if you don’t have a sound marketing system.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ways to promote your E-commerce business below. Keep reading to find out how you can conquer the world of digital marketing.

10 Tips for You

Use That Email List

Having an email marketing strategy for an Ecom business just makes sense. Collect all of the emails! Okay, maybe not all of them, but you get the point. Return customers and prospective customers alike are all possible visitors to the events you may have going on.

Email marketing is a great way to send out information quickly, too large groups of people. It’s also a fun way to share promotions and deals that are going on that they might share with others. You can also maintain their interest by sharing regular updates such as company news, new products, and new content.

Your Organic Social Presence

Always be thinking of new ways to boost your digital engagement. This is easily done through the maintenance of your social media channels. Keep them filled with engaging and vibrant content. It’s an excellent opportunity to share just what you’ve got to offer the world. If you’ve already got a pretty good handle on social media, we suggest increasing your posting frequency.

Search engine optimization can mean the difference between floating and sinking for an online store. To help with this, consider how your audience talks about your products and anticipate questions they might have. Pay close attention to the content you’re posting on your social media pages (titles, images, descriptors), and make sure the language seems natural and not wonky. Don’t forget to include meta tags, which are headlines for search engines to figure out what the page is about. Each page you have should be unique in this.

Be Interesting and Useful

Creating engaging and fun content is an excellent way for people to determine if they’re interested in your product or not. It’s also a great way to increase traffic to your Ecom while providing helpful information about the realm you exist in (i.e., establish your authority).

Google Ads

Utilizing Google Ads for your SEO marketing gives you the chance to bid on keywords, making your page the first to pop up in search result pages. Keep in mind that Google Ads will still show up first, though.

Social Media Ads

People are spending more and more time on social media every day. That’s why spending a large portion of your spending on social media advertisements is a good idea. Determine beforehand where the majority of your target audience can be found, for example, Instagram versus Twitter. Start with a simple ad before moving to more complicated and flashy options.


Partnering with brands that are complementary to your own is an excellent idea. Cross-promotion means reaching a bigger audience and can gain you new customers. Partnerships can be done by co-sponsoring an event, offering a co-branded gift, and discounts on one product when you buy the other.


Take part in online discussions and events that are relevant to your brand. This can increase brand awareness and expertise when participating in virtual conference webinars.

Influencers Are Your Friend

It might be a good idea to ask an influencer to work with you. Influencers have a large online following and wield power to affect an audience's purchasing behaviors. The right one can get your product out to hundreds of people, but when choosing, make sure they align with your target audience’s values and your brand.

Leverage Offline Stores (if you have them)

If you have a physical business and a significant following, use it! You can use that in-person time with customers to talk up your Ecom business. This can be done simply by asking them to sign up for an email alert at checkout, informing them of your loyalty program, and advertising those online promotions.

Physical flyers that can be handed out are always a good idea too! Becoming an Ecomerce channel can be a lot, we know. But remember why you started and the goals you’ve set for yourself. It will all turn out alright, you’ll see.

Let us know if you’ve used any of our tips from this post!


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