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How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Updated: Apr 29

Voice Search

Voice searching is growing rapidly, and websites are learning how to use it to their benefit. Here are six tips for doing it yourself.

Know Your Customer And Device Behavior

Similar to how algorithms for voice search utilize many data points to know the context of a search, marketers using data and research can help them understand their consumer demographic as well as their behavior

Conversational Keywords

Conversational long-tail keywords are queries that take on procedures and processes and queries that ask ‘How’ or ‘Why.’ You need to work out what types of questions your consumers will ask and how you can expect to answer them within their search.

Persona-Based Content

It’s important to pay attention to both creating detailed answers to everyday answers and answering simple questions clearly and concisely. Having content that answers your demographics' most common questions will appeal to Google’s algorithm.

Simple, straightforward answers are more geared towards voice search and have the potential to be a featured snippet. Many websites adopted the strategy of creating content with a headline asking a common question, immediately providing a concise answer, and then providing more detail about the topic at hand.

Schema Markup

Schema is an HTML add-on that helps a search engine understand the context of your content. This helps you get a better rank in most searches and be more relevant to specific queries made through voice search.

FAQs Page

Voice queries typically ask questions that start with “Who,” “What,” “Where,” “When,” “Why,” and “How,” and are looking for answers fulfilling an immediate need. If you want to answer these questions, consider making an FAQ page and starting questions with adverbs.

Mobile And Local Centric

It will be ideal for your site to cater to both mobile devices and voice searches as time is shifting to a mobile-first. Things like directions to an in-person and XML sitemaps being readable to both visitors and search engines on your site. In addition, make sure to create different experiences for your mobile and desktop users as well as confirm your mobile strategy is on-point/concentrates on improving the load times of your pages.


Voice search has been around for what seems to be forever and is growing at a rapid rate. Learning to take advantage of it behooves both your website and the consumers you serve.


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